Flume -1, target power off?

Just did Flume -1 yesterday in ERG mode and I noticed that the trainer (H3 powermatched with P2M) wouldnt get up to the target power. I thought it had to do with how short the intervalls were (15s) and I still got a good workout.

When I then went and looked at the ride I noticed that the target power seems different, in the workout it says 15s at 125% which in my case would be 330x1,25=412W. But then it also states the target power is 404W and that I hit the target every time. Is this a glitch or am I missing something?

Even the “rest” intervalls were off, 88% of 330W is 290W but it says 298W which would explain why I kept overshooting the target on those.

Just noticed the same oddity in other higher intensity workouts. My concern is what power target is being sent to the trainer? The one from the original workout or the faulty one displayed on the completed workout.