ISM Saddle set-up... Tilt?

Anyone out there riding an ISM saddle?

I’ve had one on my tri bike the last 3 seasons and recently went to a more aggressive fit and started getting a bit of saddle pain towards the end of long rides (for reference I did an Iron distance race on the same saddle last season).

I’ve also noticed tighter hip flexors from a more closed off hip angle. I realized I’m not rotating my hips as much and I remember reading that ISM says some people like to tilt their saddle down.

Anyone have experience with this? Do you also raise the saddle when you rotate it down?

Thanks for the help guys!

I assume this new fit was done by yourself just guessing and playing around and not by a professional fitter? I did a 4hr pro fit a few months ago and was well worth the time and money.

Also, I’m not sure that a more “aggressive” fit should lead to a more closed off hip angle?? I’m not sure what you’ve done but it doesn’t sound right.

New positions/fit/setups can take quite a few hours and sessions before the body adapts and readjusts.

I also ride an ISM saddle and I have it dead flat. The pro fit ensured that my saddle height was correct and saddle fore/aft was correct and it has been perfect.

Your only sitting on the front 2 -3 inches of an ISM saddle so tilt has a pretty minimal impact assuming same seat height. Having said that everything is personal so try it for a few rides and see. Any tilt should be small though i.e. only a few degrees.

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