Time Trial Saddle

Morning people, I’ve just got into Time Trials and I’m finding my saddle quite uncomfortable. My groin area goes numb after about 15mins into the ride on the turbo. I’m looking to get a new saddle to suit my aggressive position on the bike. I’ve added my saddle to show you what style I have now. I think I may need one with the cut out down the centre.
What would you suggest?

I had the same problem, so recently bought an ISM Adamo Prologue saddle from eBay. It’s so much better in TT position. I’d definitely recommend giving an ISM saddle a go.

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Yeah I keep seeing ISM brand pop up. I need to see what width I need. Has yours got the cut out?

EDIT. Just googled it, that’s what I’m looking for

I can’t get along with the ISM saddles, the nose is too wide, rubs the inside of my thighs. I love the Aerofuel Pro Saddle (Pro is from Shimano): https://www.pro-bikegear.com/global/en-gb/triathlon/saddles/PRO_SA_AEROFUEL

I have a couple of ISM saddles 1) adamo for TTs and 2) the ism “Time Trial” for the track bike. Frankly I can’t tell the difference. The Adamo came with the TT bike and just feels right. Likewise the track bike saddle. I regularly do 45-70 miles on the TT bike, with no problem. TT bike has been on turbo since Christmas. I never notice the saddle, which is what you want from a saddle. Likewise the track bike.

I normally ride a fizik arione on my road bikes. That is reasonably narrow. The standard ISM works fine.

Check their website as the height you set them to is not measured from where you think. It is measured to the flat part of the saddle before it dips.

If you are short of cash you can pick them up second hand and because they command a decent price probably flog it for the same.

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I like the ISM PN 3.0, it’s a narrower version but suits me well. I even use it on my road bike I find it that comfortable.

See if you can find a local bike shop that you can try out saddles, I tried quite a few before settling on the ISM PN.

Thank you everyone. There’s a few there that I’m going to check out it seems. I need to measure the width of my sit bones. I seem to recall Johnathan talking about flour in a kitchen bag, is that the best way of measuring?

Liking the Fizik Mystika so far but with the caveat that I haven’t done big enough mileage to genuinely know how comfy it is in the long term.

I had the same issues, and after trying about every saddle including the ISM’s I thought i just had to get used to it, although the adamo and ism were an improvement for me over the the others, I luckily found a dash. https://www.dashcycles.com/home
Just in case the ISM’s aren’t a it for you either

ISM PN 3.0 for me too, also tried several others including the Specialised Sitero - which felt great whilst training on the turbo, not that great during a 25m TT though.

Advice is to buy used, try as many as you can and try them under race conditions as well as the turbo.
Good luck.

I settled on a Bontrager Hilo. Similar (everything is now) to the ISM line but, cheaper. Sella Italia Iron Evo is really nice. Just tried it at Sea Otter but, it’s very expensive. I’ve heard good things about the Fizik Triton…

One vote for the Specialized Sitero. I have the 1st gen and want to try the new model. I have not spent time on the ISM for comparison, but the Sitero works pretty well for me.

Before you spend $150 on a new saddle, try getting up for 5 seconds every 5 minutes of your workout. Stay on your aerobars, but keep pedalling while standing up tucked in, as if you’re trying to fart. I have a (very good and suitable) ISM saddle, but indoors it’s just different. The 5/5 method works, but you have to do it like clockwork.

It could also be a matter of your bike fit. How you sit makes a difference, how high your saddle is, your pelvis rotation, etc.

If you do change your saddle, use a vendor that allows you to test one first. (Signed - Captain Obvious).

Well I think you should keep trying saddles until you find the one for you! There are so many…just keep trying & don’t compromise. But if we can help narrow down the search…

If I’m going to be on aerobars for 10+ hours I’ve found the ISM PR 3.0 to be best. ISM’s advice to move the saddle forward and ever so slightly angle it downwards really worked for me.

If I’m going to be on/off aerobars for 10+ hours I’ve found the Specialized Power Pro to be best. Let’s say 60% of the time on aerobars OR LESS. The Power Pro is pretty good in an aero position but not good enough to stay all day aero.

If I’m just going to rando all day on the drops/hoods/tops, the Brookes B17 serves me best.

There is a method using corrugated cardboard detailed by SQ labs. I just saw a similar method on youtube in a video from Arts cyclery.

I would suggest that you just have your local shop do it and find out about their saddle return policy. Many shops have an exchange program where you can try a saddle for 30 days and if you don’t get along with it, you can return it and try something else.

So it looks like it’s between Pro Aerofuel, ISM PN3.0 and the Bontrager Hilo.

Aside from the weight, is the carbon really worth getting over the non-carbon? Is the stiffness noticeable?

If you go for an ISM this is a good fitting guide:

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The stiffness stops the saddle ‘bowing’ and putting pressure on the soft tissue.

I went from a non carbon Sitero to a carbon aerofuel today. The aerofuel felt much better for me