Bike fit tips/tweaks?

Hey! Looking for some guidance on my bike fit.
Please be kind ;). Im a newer cyclist and Im not super upset with it. I train in aero/on this bike almost exclusively so I am adapting/adaptable to a position.

I’m always tweaking little things. For example I felt a lot of shoulder fatigue from what I thought was from being too stretched out previously, so I brought aero bars in about 1 inch and feels a bit better but am I too scrunched up?

I have pretty flexible hips and have no problem getting my knees to my armpits and beyond when laying on my back, so although my hip angle (to me) looks a little bit closed, it feels ok.

That being said, on individual leg drills my hip flexors are what get tired and things get knocky towards the top of my pedal stroke. I’m worried about going too high with my seat though to open the hip, as I don’t have super flexible hamstrings and I’m already a bit of a toe pointer.

Lower back and glutes have become quite fatigued near the end of long rides (this may be a fitness/experience thing more than fit though)

I have about 1/2 inch I can move the seat forward more, but am I already too far forward?

Like I said, I’m not really looking to start from scratch, but I’m relatively new to cycling and if anyone has some fit knowledge/experience and sees any glaring problem/has some tips I’d appreciate it!

(Also I know I’m looking fairly down in the pics, but I don’t have much trouble in this position getting my eyes forward enough to see the road, after long rides this gets tough, but I am pretty comfortable with the shrug and tuck position).

Also I’m not sure how image uploading works so if this doesn’t work first try, forgive me and I’ll see what I can do.

Are you looking for comfort improvements? Pain reduction? Aero improvements?

What are your targets on this bike and with this position? 10k TTs? 40k TTs? Ironman distance TTs?

Thanks I knew I missed a bunch!

I would say aero benefits are a nice to have, but not at the expense of comfort. I want to learn to be comfortable and put out solid power and progressively get more aero, but I’m happy to tackle a few things at a time.

I am focusing mostly on Olympic/70.3 triathlon racing for the next year or 2 at least.

Also, how have you all found that the common angles/numbers work with triathlon/tt bike fitting. I’ve seen a number of angles thrown around but then I see others say that tt bike fit is a bit of an anomaly.

No suggestions on fit, just a piece of advice. When I’m working through my tt position I like to take the pictures with my race helmet on. As dorky as it feels it usually gives me a good idea about how it’s going to “mesh” into my back.

There is a podcast episode or two where the guys talk about tt bike fit. here’s some starting points.

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