Is this enough space?

An unusual one I guess but I’m having a house built and I’m trying to plan on where I want my turbo setup. The room is going to be used for the bike and the other side a gaming setup. I have a bit on the right hand side which is 2400mm x 700mm. I was thinking of putting my bike and setup along with a fan and a iPad stand in there. Has anyone had experience with this with a similar size? Was it too small and you’ve had to relocate? I can’t really try it out and then make changes later as I’m having worktops installed and cabinets. Appreciate any advice given

I have roughly the same amount of space for my trainer, a big fan and a tv and it works really well. Keep everything in line and there should be no problems. Even on an aggressive xc bike your handlebars won’t be much wider than 720mm so sticking out into the room slightly but most likely they’re in the 400mm to 440mm range so shouldn’t hit where the door opens if the bike is that far forwards. The widest part of the whole set up is either going to be the footprint of the trainer or a TV if you’re using one so probably worth just checking the measurements of these to be extra sure.

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You can never have enough space for bikes :joy:

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I’ll be using a road bike and my TT bike so like you say, about 440mm. That’s good to know because then it leaves me when more space the other end for the computer setup. I’ve currently got a fan either side of me atm but I’ll have to go to a fan that’s central and on the floor with a Wahoo desk over it. I’ve got a Wahoo KickR and I doubt that’s close to 700mm. I forgot to measure that so I’ll do that tonight

there’s another thread on here called ‘let’s see your paincave’ and I’d post a question on there too. If you spend a long time scrolling down you might see a photo of a similar situation to yours (I don’t know)

The other thing that springs to mind is to take the front wheel off, although obviously you’d need something to hold the axle at the same height, but not having a front wheel (but still handlebars) might save 20cm?

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