Is there a training plan that focuses solely on maximizing ftp gains?

Is there a plan that focuses solely on increasing ftp? Or are they all focused on a discipline and ftp increases naturally come as part of sticking to the plan?

There is no specific “FTP Builder” type plan. As you mention, there are discipline focused plans in the TR library.

That said, something like:

Are the progressions that seem to focus more on FTP power levels.

Thank you! I will take a look at those. I’m going to be wrapping up the Cyclocross mid volume plan in May and will be looking to start a new plan then. No firm racing plans for now, just want to see how far I can take my ftp by end of 2021.

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Good deal. Also keep in mind, the Plan Builder is another option that can help you lay out a season.

Yessir that’s what I’ll be wrapping up in May. Started May 12th of 20 and wrapping May 9 of 21. Working from home has allowed me to do nearly every ride on the schedule. So thankful for WFH.

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