Plan request: No races - Just improve FTP

44, 85kg, <6mo w/ TR.

Looking for plan builder recommendations for:

  • No races planned.
  • Just improve FTP.
  • Would like fitness to be able to ride centuries & hill climbs.
  • Stretch goal is to be at 4w per kilogram by december. 80kg & 320w.

Currently high volume - sweetspot & century speciality. 260w ftp.



Yeah that would be something id be interested in too !:+1:

For these goals I think you could just repeat SSB I & II, Sustained Power Build, [repeat]. No need to do Century Speciality unless you have a specific event to prepare for. Otherwise you’re just trying to get your FTP as high as possible while optimizing your weight.


Thank you. Is this a manually chosen thing or through plan builder?

Give it a go? Takes 2 seconds to add/delete events and plans from plan builder.

Even still, wouldn’t hurt to do something like climbing road race speciality, given what you said you want to do.

Perhaps when you run through plan builder, select ‘never done indoor training’ which will focus you more on base/build.

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Use Plan Builder, choose the “I don’t have any events” option, and pick something like the Gran Fondo emphasis (or any other that interests you and aligns with your goals) and you should be set.


@mcneese.chad thanks for that. my condolences to you on your recent losses. glad to hear your voice on the podcast.

Haha. Wrong Chad.

In addition to his advice, sometimes I just create an event even though I don’t race to help me time things. Example - I’m going on a 10 day vacation. I’ll make that my event so that I peak right before it and then have an FTP test the week I return and start my next phase.


Ah. thanks bud. I appreciate the recommendation.


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As mentioned, I’m not Coach Chad Timmerman.
I’m just an active forum member who helps here too.


Understood. Thank you for your help.

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