Is there a place for long sleeve jerseys?

do you even get summer or harsh sun in the UK? :crazy_face:

So much easier to only put sunscreen on face and neck. I wear long sleeve summer jersey in 100F / 38C dry heat and its not a problem.

Right now the sun is already getting intense and UV is the concern:


Northern California.

WHO recommendations:


Yes! BIg fan of LS jerseys. And I go so far as to wear LS lightweight SPF jerseys (favorites are from Boure) in conditions as I like them better than slathering on sunscreen. (Necessary too as my dermatologist has already cut out more than a few abnormal sections of skin – fortunately none malignant.)

I seem to have developed an allergy over the last couple of years to certain sunscreens. I can use the spray mineral lotion or mineral lotion in a bottle, but if its not mineral based, I will itch for days.

Mineral sunscreen is like glue, getting that shit off post ride is brutal, might as well plan on it being on for a day or two, and it leaves me looking pasty white/half dead zombie.

Got a summer long sleeve jersey from Pactimo that I tried at a gravel race this last weekend that was fine, also picked up some sun sleeves to try this year. Trying to minimize the sunscreen on my arms. which seems to be the most sensitive.

It’s pretty rare. Almost as rare as me going for a long ride… :disappointed:

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Though it’s becoming more common and will become more common.

People forget how far north the UK is, the northern border of California is at only 42 degrees latitude, the southernmost point in the UK is at just under 50 degrees which is further north than Vancouver! I’m at 56.8 North in Scotland, We might get a UV index of 7 around midday on a uncloudy day :sunglasses: around the summer solstice

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Me cycling outdoors? I hope so.

Actually climate change is more likely to shift us back into Dickensian weather, with a frozen Thames in winter and everyone being paid in candlesticks they can huddle around for warmth. Mini ice age.

So…fat bikes I guess :wink:

Well it’s already shifted us into these floods over winter with the wettest February on record etc and rainfall 3 times the historic average of last 20 years.

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Getting mineral sunscreen off my hairy legs is a PITA :grinning:. I haven’t found good summer leg screens, though. I use ones from Bontrager and they slip down my thighs.

Has anyone tried Ornot long sleeve jerseys for the summer? That’s next on my list. I usually use MAAP evade pro or Rapha pro team training long sleeve jerseys.