Is the Server Down?

Morning All - Up early for my long ride of the week (4am EST) and seems the servers are down? Can’t get the app to load no matter what I try. It did load once and then failed to load the workout.

My Calendar isn’t loading at present - “Oops, something went wrong”

Same. Mobile app or through web, both having load issues.


I’m getting Bad Gateway on the web

I can access Windows app but web app won’t load at all. Windows app did initially give a message about no internet access but I went to look for a TrainNow workout as a test, it came up and allowed me to progress to the workout screen. Hopefully any issues will be ironed out by lunchtime when I have the time to do a session.

The app is starting on the Android for me but it seems to be indefinitely syncing.

Edit: It just flashed up ‘Server Unavailable’

Yeap it seems that the web is down

Definitely down at the moment, but I’m sure they are working on it

Nates done with everyone spamming FTP detection everyday so he’s taken the server down


Hey everyone! I’m Evan and I’m a Customer Support Agent at TR.

I’m really sorry for the trouble here. We are experiencing problems with the server at the moment. I can confirm we are looking into it.

We have had success loading workouts from the Desktop app, but the Mobile app is not loading workouts.


Windows app still not loading here :frowning:

POOP !! My entire morning schedule is literally falling apart. No, seriously. It’s a tight schedule to be on the trainer by 445 EST. :frowning:

It’s all good. I can slam some more coffee, cram a Pop-Tart down my gut and just deal with an late afternoon workout.

UPDATE: The servers are back up and running. It should be possible to load the website and load workouts in both the mobile and desktop app.


thanks - looking good

WHOO HOO! Nate paid the bill to NV Energy and Microsoft this morning. “Scaraben”, here I come. !

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Working now. Thanks for the swift action and happy Friday!

Still down here, have tried every trick I know

edit: 10” later it works :rofl:

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Works but is spotty and slow.

Not working again now.

Same for me. Neither mobile and desktop are working