Is it so complicated to have an Apple TV App when there is already an IOS app?

In my paincave, i do have a screen and i want that screen to diplay my workoout…

why cant we have a apple tv app ? that we could use our remove etc ?

would it be so complicated if they have an ipad app already ?

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From what I can gather the TrainerRoad app is not written with the normal iOS frameworks and so would essentially require a completely different app.
This is not to say that it is wrong, as the it benefits in other cross platform software developments but it does not mean that you can just ‘tick the box’ for a TvOS version.

According to me, as a developper and IT scientist, i wouldnt choose the apple platform for development.

it seems, without certainty, that app needs “special” attention when ported from iPhone to iPad and Apple TV

appears to be working out OK for Apple so far. :man_shrugging:

If you prefer the Android platform then I’m sure there must some way of ‘casting’ the mobile app to a screen.

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I’ve made my peace with AirPlay, it works reasonably well.

Also, if we take Zwift as an example, I often get quite angry at how terrible the remote works with the tvOS app. Maybe sticking with iOS and airplay is for the better.


I thought the iOS App is due to an update anyway. So maybe stay tuned for updates across the platforms?

I think you’ve hit on two main points. I’ve never mirrored TR through my AppleTV, that’d be a pretty big graph but I’d think that would work just fine.

And the Apple remote can be pretty frustrating to me, especially on the trainer and TR has quite a bit more going on on the screen that can be changed than say Zwift. With the new updates to iOS using your phone as a remote is getting pretty good though, with some added functionality to that otherwise poor remote.

Sometimes I wish they had an AppleTV app also, but mirroring off my phone works, and if it’s an easier workout, I can watch a show on the tv and just run the app off my phone. If I only get one, I’ll take the phone app every time.

Yeah i can understand it too…

on the other hand it does not exist on android tv either :slight_smile:

While the iOS apps are being updated as we speak, we do not have any plans to support Apple TV in the future.

This response is about a year old, but our current stance on the subject has remained the same:

Thanks for your understanding.


I use Google Chromecast and can cast the Android App to the TV if I want to.

People may not completely believe “the amount of development” bit. It’s the same frameworks! The code is plug and play! Heheheh.

  1. The whole screen layout has to be redesigned to be friendly to the Apple Remote instead of a touch screen. The apps that just let you use the remote to move around a cursor to click buttons are terrible.
  2. Using the remote when you’re sweaty? Ooof. It’s gotta be a very easy interface.
  3. Two Bluetooth connection limit. For a lot of people this is fine, but the edge cases where it doesn’t work leads to unhappy customers.
  4. TrainerRoad probably isn’t your entertainment. Apple’s tvOS has very limited picture-in-picture, but best case scenario is you watch something in a corner of your screen with a BIG power graph. Most of us probably want the opposite.

#4 is probably the key where an AppleTV app makes sense for Zwift, FulGaz, Rouvy, and The Sufferfest (the latter assuming they do it at some point). It’s also why running TrainerRoad on your phone and then whatever you want on the TV is probably going to be the best user experience for the most people, and #s 3-4 mean that making an AppleTV app is probably a losing proposition for TrainerRoad - even if they managed to address #1-2 with lots of development effort.


You need a big screen and some graphics capability for a nice Zwift experience and the Apple TV is a great tool for both. Apple TV is “worth it” on Zwift for both the developer and user because it ends up being cheaper and easier than using a laptop to get the program on the big screen. Enough of a benefit that its worth putting up with the crappy Apple remote and the 2 device bluetooth limit and, for Zwift, worth developing the app.

For TR though, you get no real benefit running it on a big screen vs on your phone. In fact you lose the BYO entertainment feature and unless you get an add on bluetooth bridge, power match as well. And for TR usage, its definitely not worth dealing with the crappy remote and the 2 device limit.

I run Zwift on Apple TV and love it but I could not see ever running TR on my Apple TV (although I use the Apple TV to stream while using TR on my phone)


Hi @STP,

Quick (hopefully) question. I seem to be in a similar position to you - I use Apple TV for Zwift but when I want to use my phone for TR and stream something to watch via Apple TV it seems to be an absolute ball ache to re-link all my blue tooth devices from Apple TV to my phone and back again every time I wish to change between Zwift and TR. Is there a simple way to achieve this?

Thanks, Ryan

I use both Zwift and TR and have never seen this issue. As with most Apple products, it just works - Apple does the right thing more often than not. If you’re having trouble, it could be simply the order you are turning things on. Try starting the app first, then the trainer, then HR, etc.

I don’t think Apple TV, at least the 4K model, has any particular bluetooth device limit. At least I can’t find any documentation from Apple to support a hard limit as I see commonly discussed. It’s probably just a matter of the type of bluetooth device (can it act as a controller?) and how much time it takes for TVOS to tend to it’s needs. Also, if you have an iPhone, you can use it for the remote and unpair the Apple TV remote control. It’s a LOT faster to type characters on your phone too!

AKAIK, ATV has a max of 3 total BLE device connections, and the remote consumes one. That leaves 2 connections. If you use the Zwift Companion app, you can add more devices since it functions like a bridge. So there are options depending on the precise devices a person needs to connect.

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I really don’t think it works that way (not really a hard limit on the number of devices). In other words, if there is a hard limit, it is likely set by the Bluetooth specification itself and that may depend on what version and rev is supported by the hardware used in the device. I’m was a firmware engineer in a former life but am by no means knowledgeable about Bluetooth in particular.

The secondary limiting factor is the software and maybe to a degree the chipsets used combined with other software design requirements. When there are problems with this stuff it is almost always software, not hardware. Software is almost always the limiting factor. Hardware engineers almost always get it right the first time, unlike the software bros. :slight_smile:

Anyway, here’s a link to the most official thing I could find from Apple in the topic. Unfortunately it is no longer considered current so FWIW:

In particular note the following:

“The official Bluetooth specifications say seven is the maximum number of Bluetooth devices that can be connected to your Mac at once.

However, three to four devices is a practical limit, depending on the types of devices used. Some devices require more Bluetooth data, so they’re more demanding than other devices. Data-intensive devices might reduce the total number of devices that can be active at the same time.”

  • Mac is a different animal to the Apple TV.

Use more than one Bluetooth accessory

Your Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD can support several Bluetooth accessories simultaneously, up to this many:

  • One Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote*
  • One Bluetooth keyboard
  • Four MFi (Made for iOS) Bluetooth controllers (Unless you also connect a Bluetooth audio accessory. If so, you can connect only one MFi controller).

You might be able to pair more accessories, but at some point you may need to unpair others to allow for new ones. Some apps let you use an iOS device as an additional controller, which doesn’t require Bluetooth. For help using an iOS device as a controller in an app, contact the app developer.

That is all a bit fuzzy with the MFi stuff. But it is commonly stated in many sources that ATV has a limit of 3 total BLE devices, at least within the cycling device world (which seems to not fall into the MFi level of devices).

holy camoly. imagine seeing your hardest workouts staring back at you on a 42 inch :rofl: :skull_and_crossbones: