Pause TrainingPeaks Garmin Workout

I have a friend who just started working with a coach and is loading TrainingPeaks workouts to their Garmin. Is there a way for them to pause intervals (due to traffic lights, bad areas to start an interval, etc.?)

I remember I could do this with TR workouts on my Bolt, but not sure about TP workouts on Garmin.

I know it’s covered somewhere, this might be right, but I will keep looking:

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I thought I saw it too, but couldn’t find it after a few quick searches. Thanks for trying too!

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yes, from the default workout screen. Looks like this on my 530:

Default Workout Comparison

Either push the upper button on the right side and “Pause Step” is the second option (520 and 530), or tap the screen for touchscreen model.

Workout will keep recording. If its going to be awhile you can change to another screen.

When ready to resume, if you are on another screen go back to the default workout screen and upper right button or tap for this screen:

Pause Step

and select “Resume Step” to pick up where you left off.


Awesome! Thank you. Will share.

On the 830 in the Garmin Workout screen swipe up from the bottom then select Pause. If needed they can also go Back to restart the previous interval.