Is Fluticasone a banned substance?


WADA - but doesn’t say nasal and can’t find it in the booklet, but concerns me


Do you take it? Have you been tested?

I take it, nasal spray for allergies. I also looked into whether it was banned and concluded that the nasal spray was fine / permitted. Its a bit confusing though.
Also, I haven’t been tested (yet). With stuff like this I’ll just stop taking it once my allergies stop acting up. I normally start racing after allergy season is at its peak.

I think you’re good because you’re doing it as a nose spray (hopefully) and not orally or through an IV.

Globodro has a “ask a question” link on their site somewhere. They responded very quickly to me when I asked.

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@Ramon_Thompson I take it a couple times a week throughout the year because I like the way it makes my nasal airway feel! I don’t even have allergies :joy:

@Nate_Pearson that’s the way I read it as well, but I will definitely ask Globaldro just to confirm.

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99% sure it’s fine. All the screenshots say as much by my reading. Yes, it’s a steroid, but it’s not absorbed via the nasal tissue into circulation where it will stimulate muscle growth. It’s essentially a topical application to reduce local inflammation. Just don’t spray it up your rear-end!

I do use it (just had my mega sinus surgery a few weeks ago after years of suffering, not unlike @Nate_Pearson), expect to continue taking it, but I’ve also never been tested.

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