Doping during the ramp test

Finished SSB2 LV two weeks ago and during the recovery week I went out and played around on the Mountain Bike instead of the just spinning away on the trainer. Unfortunately on that ride I had a little encounter with poison oak and it got pretty nasty pretty quick. I ended up on a high dose of Prednisone and had to take the next week pretty much off as I was pretty uncomfortable.

I’m feeling better this week, but the oak is still lingering and even spreading a little so my doc wants me on the high dose steroids for a few more days.

I’ve done the 1 hour version of Baxter the last two days in a row and was totally surprised at how easy it was giving I had two pretty crappy weeks after finishing SSB2.

Was I just well rested after two easier weeks or am I just straight up doping right now? I feel like I’m ready to do my ramp test before starting my build plan, but wondering if the 'roids will effect the result.

Obviously a silly question in some ways, but curious at the same time.

Corticosteroids are catabolic and can produce a euphoria/psychological changes in some. I’m guessing it is likely a combination of being rested from the time off and the psychological changes brought on by the Prednisone.

Corticosteroids are also a performance enhancer, long used in the pro peleton, that aid recovery dramatically. While prednisone isn’t usually the corticosteroid of choice, it’ll have the same effects as cortisone in the short run.

Enjoy the effect while it lasts, and then get back to work! LOL!
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I’ve been on a course of Prednisone a couple of times in the past. I never felt like it helped much/at all during efforts, but it definitely helped improve recovery. Unfortunately, the leg cramps that for me lasted for the same period as I was on Prednisone (i.e., 14-day course, followed by ~14 days of cramps) made sleep very difficult, especially when first getting off the Prednisone. Tapering the doses at the end didn’t seem to help with that either. Enjoy the improved recovery while it lasts, and I hope you have a better withdrawal experience than I have!

Did the ramp test this afternoon. Increase in FTP was right in line with what I expected given how I progressed through SSB2, so maybe no impact afterall.

Prednisone is not a performance enhancer, this is distinctly different than anabolic steroids. Thank your rest days.

Prednisone is an interesting drug. It’s mainly used for its immunosuppressive and powerful anti-inflammatory effects by physicians. Its very broad acting and that’s why you will see it used from everything from asthma flareup, skin eruptions, rheumatoid arthritis, and even organ transplants. However it has a ton of side effects, some very severe, and generally dose dependent. Fluid and salt retention occur even at lower doses. As length of therapy and dose of drugs increase, patients can develop a characteristic moon face, buffalo hump, and muscle atrophy.

Prednisone can also have some longer lasting effects on the adrenal glands response to “stresses” as their ability to respond can be blunted for sometime even after prednisone has been stopped.

Best is to get off of it as soon as you are able and get back to your normal routine. The rest probably did you a lot of good.

Corticosteroids are definitely a performance enhancer. It is one of the meds used by pros if they choose to cheat. It was what Lance tested positive for in the 99 Tour after the prologue.

Tyler Hamilton talks about using it quite a bit during his pro career in his book. It is also in the book Secret Race about the Festina team from 98.

It is definitely a banned substance but can get a TUE for use as many riders have done. See Wiggins for this one.

It isn’t the same as anti catabolic steroids as it doesn’t add recovery I don’t think but masks pain during work and stops inflammation after so maybe that does add in recovery in that capacity.