Is Bike Inn legit?

Has anyone purchased from Bike Inn? Specifically interested in helmets. I’m located in the USA and it’s always a little leap of faith purchasing an expensive product from an overseas vendor.

I got some parts from them earlier this year (rotors, maybe?) and all was fine.

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I bought some parts there. No issues

Just remembered that it was a left Ultegra mechanical / hydro STI lever and I got it last year.

Again, no issues and the shipment arrived pretty quickly.

Apparently their shipping in clothing can take an eternity but otherwise they’re legit

legit, slow but legit. I’ve bought a few things over the years.

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Legit and actually very good for Canadians because they ship using Canada Post. I’ve bought many bike parts and accessories from there.

I spoke too soon. I went to order a euro spec Protone and Bike Inn no longer ships that helmet to the USA.

I’m in the UK, but will still probably apply, I ordered some glasses but subsequently wanted to return them. I got stung for extortionate returns charges, you have to return via their designated courier and they fix the prices. Other than that all went smoothly but won’t use them again.

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Also be aware that a EU purchased helmet will have EU certification, which may not be valid certification in USA. The only difference will be the sticker, but US events may not accept it.
I am in UK and had to buy a US helmet to race a US HIM race, a few years ago.

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Try using the mobile app. I tried to buy a Garmin head unit and it wouldn’t show as available to Canadians on the desktop but it worked if I used my phone.

My only contact with BikeInn was over a skinsuit years ago, it took ages so I cancelled and went to Maddison instead. IIRC the only thing they (BikeInn) were quick about was the refund so the company seems legit.

Yep, they’re legit. Purchased a couple times from them.

I’ve bought tires from them a couple times. They all lasted several thousand miles with no issues other than my struggles with seating tubeless tires with a track pump.

Slow delivery in mainland Europe but goods are always delivered. They use cheap and nasty couriers.

I bought a POC fullface helmet from them for my son, took like 2 months to get it, but it did come and was something like half price from everywhere else. I think it was in customs for a large part of that.

Hi, if it’s a helmet you’re looking to purchase I would suggest to buy it from a US retailer as helmets sold in Europe conform to the CE standard whereas the US is CPSC. Having a CE helmet could cause some issues if you were racing or involved in an accident.

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Only issue I’ve had with Bike Inn is refunds. They take aaaaaages to give you your money back.

It’s legit for sure, but at least for me (in the US) I tend to look elsewhere if I can. I always eventually get what I ordered, but shipping, and dispatch specifically, has been super slow. IME once you pay for shipping it’s usually not much cheaper. I’ve also had issues with them selling items that are actually out of stock, and while I have gotten refunds, it took frustratingly long to be told it’s out of stock, and then to actually get the refund. All that being said they are sometimes the only ones who have what I’m looking for so :man_shrugging: