Ever heard of, or bought from Bellatisport?

Has anyone ever ordered from bellatisport or know about it? their prices seem really good, and often times if it’s too good to be true…

Never bought anything from them but…

this is a Swiss shop All prices are without taxes so when you buy something you are likely to pay your local VAT, import customs etc. on top of that price.


I’ve bought a few things from them over the years, including a frame. No issues for me ordering from the US, and I’d do business there again if they had something I wanted. If you’re ordering from the US factor in say 10% or so if you’re getting something pricey to cover Custom’s fees that you might get tagged with later, though the most recent charge I got when importing from Europe was more like 5% IIRC.

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Awesome, thanks

Did you end up purchasing from Bellati Sport? I have been interested as well but it is such a bizarre situation. Super low prices but none of the manufacturers (I have asked Look, Pinarello, Cervelo, Colgnago, …) is willing to confirm that the bikes are authentic. In fact, Pinarello said “we have no way of knowing if the bikes are used or fake” What about the option that they may be authentic? All the other manufacturers said or implied that they would not honor the warranty if the serial number turns out to be real because the bike would have been bought outside their “regular network of distributors and dealers.” Does anyone know what is really going on?

Bought a cervelo R5 frame last year frame at significant discount (perhaps because it was ‘crappy’ brake version :rofl:) and it is definitely the real deal…that said i find many of their prices higher on certain items so they are not necessarily always that cheap. They are Swiss bases btw and counterfeit laws here are pretty strict

I know a few UK guys who’ve used them and been happy with what they received, thought after shipping, VAT, etc, the saving was often a fair bit less spectacular than expected. My concern with buying from an overseas retailer though, would be warranty; not so much it being honoured, but getting the bike back to them etc.

If you’re in the US, no VAT gets charged. And many who have used them state online that they were not even charged any import duties (or else a small amount like$300 for a $5,000 frame). And the cost of shipping to the US ($160 or so) is pretty much the same as when we have a bike or frame shipped from within the US. The savings do definitely differ across the listed bikes. But if the bike is listed at Bellati for $4,000 less than on any US web site, then paying the <$500 for shipping and import combined seems like a no-brainer – if the bike is authentic, that is.

Yeah it really depends on where you are and the specific bike. For people in the US, some bikes on Bellati (like some Pinarellos) are listed not a few hundred dollars but several thousand dollars below of the price listed by US vendors. And buyers get charged relatively small shipping costs (not much more than for shipping from within the US) and small, if any, import costs.

How did you verify that your Cervelo is the real deal? Did you check afterward with a local dealer? For example, I’ve seen people say online that being able to enter a serial number on the registration web site and getting a confirmation email doesn’t mean anything because the system supposedly confirms regardless of what you enter.

I was addressing the question of whether it was too good to be true meaning frames maybe counterfeit…if you mean is my frame a ‘grey’ import then I never checked. But when I was buying my frame all their other Cervélo frames we usual Swiss retail price. If there was an issue, because I’m in Switzerland I would feel reasonably confident about resolving it but I would understand if for example being in the US you might be reticent. Usually I would buy bike from LBS, this was an opportunistic purchase but I would use Bellatisport again.

Edit: I did a quick check neither Cervélo nor Pinarello list Bellatisport as a retailer so while I’m not an expert and had no issues it certainly suggests grey import.

Correct, NONE of the available brands (LOOK, Bianchi, Colnago, Pinarello, BMC, Cervello, Willier, …) list Bellati as a retailer. Prior to responding here to someone’s post, I had already contacted several of those manufacturers’ “global” division and asked about this situation. Clearly, Bellati has been selling for decades and none of those companies have shut it down so legally it must be not a problem (vendors selling counterfeit products while trying to pass them off as legit usually do get shut down unless they acknowledge it is a “replica” or something like that). Some companies responded to me and said that they don’t know where the bikes are coming from and that they cannot confirm whether they are authentic or not. Cervelo was most direct in saying they would not honor the warranty, that is why I wondered you had been able to confirm that yours was the real deal (some counterfeit bikes cannot be distinguished from the real deal without up-close inspection by the manufacturer). LOOK simply ignored the question and said they recommend buying from a local dealer (yes, of course, I know that). Pinarello said a buyer could send pictures of the bike and serial number and they could confirm if the bike is authentic.

My current subjective non-expert assessment is that they are indeed authentic but grey import bikes and frames. Which is not bad. :slight_smile:

I have been looking at purchasing a Look 795 Blade RS from these guys, but have been cautious after reading threads such as this.

However, I notice that they are now listed as an authentic Look dealer on the Look website.


Where do you see them listed on the Look web site? I checked the dealer list for Switzerland and see no Bellatisport. How did you find it somewhere?

drat! i just found them yesterday and was inquiring about available frame sizes.

but after reading this i’m a bit more hesitant to buy from them.

The only thing I want to add to this thread is, every time it gets bumped, I want an ice cream.

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