Anyone order from Merlin cycles lately


Just wondering if anyone has ordered Shimano components from Merlin cycles specifically if you’re from Canada.

I may need new shifters for an upcoming build and they seem to be one of the only UK based sites still able to sell Shimano to NA. If I can’t order from them it could affect budget drastically :roll_eyes:


I’ve only ever had good experiences with Merlin. Last order was 25-9-2019

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Just before Christmas I ordered some Shimano swag from Merlin and shipped it here to Singapore. Seems they were the last hope, as all the other online players had locked out shipping to my destination.

Do be warned that some items Merlin ship are not in the same packaging you would see in a store, or even from other online dealers.

The cassette I ordered came in a plain corrugated cardboard box and the chain in a clear plastic bag. No sign of any ‘Shimano packaging’ however it is the real deal. I’m also about to pull the trigger on a Di2 upgrade kit, which I also expect will be packaged similarly.

Bottom line, the product is legit, the price is good and the shipping time reasonable :+1:t2:

Another who thinks Merlin are great. Ordered this month. No issues.

I’m in the UK but I swear by Merlin. Great prices and legit products.


I have ordered a few things in the past (live in Canada) and had the same experience as most with the plain unbranded packaging for a Shimano disc brake set. Was quite happy with that purchase…

…BUT I recently ordered a 3T Strada from them recently, and the packaging for that bike was another story. Little to no protection for drivetrain, and various extra boxes and parts just tossed in around the frame with nothing securing them. The rear derailleur had actually punctured the cardboard box. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Contacted Merlin about it and they showed no concern for how the bike was packaged. Fair warning for anyone who buys a bike from Merlin…

Ordered some 105 shifters and brakes from them last year, cant recall if I had to pay duty/tax…I dont think so. Ive been ordering all of my Shimano parts from them for the past few years. I just received an order from them today, 2 hours ago - Sidi shoes, cleats and one clothing item and there was no duty or tax so I was pretty happy

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That’s a shame… Like everyone else my passed experience has been great. Although, I’ve never ordered anything outside of components.

I’m in the USA but ordered some disc rotors and cleats from them last August with no problems. Best price I could find anywhere. The only issue is that there free shipping can be kind of slow sometimes but I knew that going in so it wasn’t an issue for me.

From 1st of Jan, Wiggle, Chain Reaction etc are no longer allowed to ship Shimano to New Zealand, looks like SRAM doing the same, really sucks as we get stung massively here!

It appears Sidi aren’t available for Canada… Not sure why ? I believe they used to be…

I used to buy SRAM from the UK (shipped to AU), but all the sites quit that about 2 yrs ago. Shame to see them doing it with NZ now too!

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Im in Canada too (Halifax) and the day after I ordered the Sidi shoes I could no longer see any on the Merlin website - so maybe it was a glitch and I wasn’t supposed to be able to order them but they honoured the sale anyway.

Im based in the UK and bought some DT Swiss carbon wheels from them last year and Merlin were great. They were packaged really well and not a scratch on them.

I ordered from the lately and had a terrible experience. Ordered 4 items and only one shored up. They did absolutely nothing to help…basically I lost a ton of money. What makes it worse is that Ive been buying from them for over 10 years…they didnt show the slightest bit of interest in helping me.

I have 2 bikes from Merlin - a Fuse carbon which is now 4 years old - has been solid and my new Ridley Helium. The Helium took 3 weeks to arrive as there is a massive backlog in bike building at present and the front wheel was out of true…but they sent a courier to collect it and replaced it within a few days. Didn’t make a huge difference anyway as I got a wheel upgrade anyway. The Ridley is a great bike and I got it for £1650 against a retail price of £2700 so a bit of a bargain really. That sums Merlin up. They don’t sell Trek, Specialised etc but if you want to stand out from the crowd a bit then they are good…and they have close ties to the Belgium bike builders. I was considering an Emonda but now I have my Helium I love it …and everyone’s got an Emonda! :grinning:

Nothing wrong with a Ridley. I’m typing this from a 2008 Damocles that is my trainer bike these days!

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I will never order from Merlin again. I received a faulty product from them (tubular with a dislodged valve) and they refused to communicate with me at all about it.

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That’s Merlin summed up.

Apparently they aren’t playing by the rules with Campy stuff…

I bought an Argon 18 Gallium frame from them on 17th Jan this year and had it in my hands 5 days later (very good for UK to South Africa shipping) properly packaged. Price was 46% of normal (Googled) as new models were coming out.