Where do you buy your parts? UK

I am looking to service/replace parts on my old bike with the view to get out more over winter. I’m UK based, normally I use Wiggle for most parts but they tried to charge me for a returned item when i hadn’t used it so I want to move away from them.

Curious where you purchase your parts from and if there is somewhere else that’s financially better but not main stream.

Type of parts if it matters:
New Hoods

And probikekit.com


Google the part and buy from the cheapest shop that doesn’t look like a scam. If there’s a choice of places, buy from somewhere thats an actual bike shop, even better if its local.

Alternatively, ask your LBS if they can order it in for you.


In addition to Wiggle/CRC there’s Merlin Cycles. I’ve not ordered from the German sites since brexit so not sure if they ship to the UK, might be only for orders over £136 due to the new VAT rules.

It used to be that you could get parts online cheaper than your LBS could get them from the importer! After lots of complaints that’s been changed so if you’ve a good relationship with your LBS you should be able to get close to online prices. I had to buy some jockey wheels last weekend whilst out riding, the only ones the shop had were Hope, at £44 :flushed:, had to have them as riding with a seized guide jockey wasn’t fun. Checked the online price when I got home - £44. I’ve bought other stuff (in not quite so panicky circumstances) from the same shop and they’ve been within pence of the online price.

Aside from Wiggle/CRC, loads, depending on who’s cheapest on the day:

Merlin Cycles
Wynstanley’s Bikes
Tweeks Cycles

Too name the more regular few.

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