Saris MP1 trainer platform with Tacx Neo

I just bought the Saris MP1, should see it in a few weeks. I’ll report on it when I get it. I’ve been on my Tacx Neo for 5 years now, and do 5-6 months on avg, out of the year on it. (I live in Montana) so I do many long rides on it and have done 6hour trainer sessions. So I know exactly what the improvements if any, will be. I’ll quantify them to you best I can. Pictures and write up to follow.

If anyone else has one or gets one I’d like to know your experience as well


Not personally ordered one but had a demo session at work the other day.
It was eye opening in the usage and left me thinking about looking into one in the future. As noted by quite a few reports the sprinting side of things feels very strange but general riding was engaging. I can see doing long hours on the platform would completely change the dynamics of what is normally quite static. Once you start putting in some sweet spot style efforts the MP1 starts to flow and you can really engage more upper body and feel more natural. For me it rocked front and back more than I expected, which made it interesting when transitioning from seated to standing.

Keep us posted and enjoy your new toy!


Thank you Adam, I can’t wait to get it. Appreciate your feedback.

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