Is Adaptive Training working with traditional base?

I could not load traditional base on plan builder, which I thought was necessary for AT to function. I cleared the calendar and loaded HVTB outside of plan builder.
Now I am getting adaptation suggestions. So I’m confused. Is AT working in my scenario? Do we need plan builder or not for AT to work?

I’ll have to search and find the post, but from memory… AT now works with plans added manually (without using Plan Builder). As such, I think you are seeing proper adaptations to that plan via completed TR workouts and survey responses.

Not the official info, but confirms the function with manual plans:

you can still use these recommended ad-hoc plans that will absolutely work within Adaptive Training.

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Yes I did it in the past as I enjoy TB and worked fine. I loaded it without plan builder as well.

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Ok. Well that makes me very happy. I was bummed about not being able to use AT.

since I am on the topic, i have another question. I do like sweet spot work. You guys think it’s better to do HVTB or do MVTB and 1 day of 90-120 min SS?

For me, I would be tempted to add the SS, just for the sake of variety at the very least. Mentally in one aspect, but I like the idea of at least a bit of intensity mixed in too. It may depend a bit on what you are really aiming for from the block as well though.

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Hvtb does have some sweet spot already and can be quite challenging when I did it in the past. I am either starting tblv3 and building up or some tri plans.

If I remember correftly @JulianM used to use these for his tri stuff slightly modified.

Edit: chose mv3 or hv2/3 and you should be set.


Great point, but it does vary with the specific TB MV & HV phase.

  • 1 is pure Endurance
  • 2 is about 50/50 End/SS
  • 3 is similar to 2, but adds Thresh

So, it is worth considering precisely which phase is in question. I could see adding one SS workout to the 1st phase at the very least, in a partial prep for what comes in 2 & 3.

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Yes should have clarified which one. Typically the 3rd versions of each level have a lot more variety. 1st version not much at all.


Thank you gentlemen.