Does Adaptive Training work with plans you add yourself?

For a while I believe Adaptive Training only worked with PlanBuilder. I am about to finish up SSB1 and move into SSB2 (as part of a plan created with Plan Builder).

However I’ve done SSB1 and 2 so many times, but never really managed to get deep into build.

Frankly I’d like to skip SSB2 and jump right into build, which would involve clearing my calendar and manually adding the build phase.

Does AT still work in this type of scenario?

Yes it does.

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Wow, I’m seeing two polar opposite responses :laughing:


Wow!! Thanks.

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Not sure if I was always wrong, or just that things have changed now that AT is out of beta.

Anyway, thanks for the correct info. I’ll update my post.

It was recently added.

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Recent update, it used to be plan builder only, but now it works for manually added plans as well. :slight_smile:

It’s great that this was added. I started a non-plan builder account after the beta opened. I did some pretty intense outdoor rides in addition to the plan and figured AT would just adjust.
After a few weeks of no adjustment, I thought that AT was a pile of dog crap.

It’s pretty great now that I understand how to use it.

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