Updating tss adaptive training not adapting? Or just me?

My tss target is 230 for the week, I did an outside ride today that took me to 220, but still showing a 90 min workout with 90tss for tmrw? I thoughtbadaptive training would adjust this accordingly, as I doubt very much I will be able to complete the workout tmrw as my legs were tired today from yesterday? Or is this not how adaptive and ai works?

It’s probably best to contact support@trainerroad.com directly for this level of question, because we are largely guessing and reading between the lines here. That said, here goes…

TR AT is not necessarily looking at “Fatigue” in a broad sense. It is mainly looking at the prescribed workout, how you performed it, and how you rated it upon completion.

If you do something notably above and beyond the prescription, there is nothing I know of in place at the moment that will dial back the pending workouts, unless you have a Very Hard or All Out rating on some workout (particularly if they were supposed to be Achievable or Productive).

What I think you want sounds like it is coming along with the “Red Light / Green Light” feature that Nate has loosely mentioned. No concrete info on a yet to be released feature, but hints seem to point in a direction more like I think you are expecting here.

At this time, AT is largely restricted to ranking completed workouts within reason, and adapting a plan to follow suit. If you deviate notably from that plan, it rests with you to alter your workouts as appropriate at the moment.



In my understanding of the system, at the moment AT don’t give you “credit” for outside workouts, unless you associate with a workout. If you didn’t associate that ride with a workout AT doesn’t care about that ride for progressions or planning.

If you did associate it with a workout, for AT it will be like you did that work out. For example, if you did a 4 hour 220 tss ride and then associate it with pettit, AT will think of it as if you completed pettit (1 hr, 39 tss), so if you want AT to give you credit for that you will need to find a workout similar to what you did. For example if you did a 3 hrs endurance ride with X NP, you could find a 3 hrs endurance workout with similar power profile and associate it with your ride.

But that last idea will only tell AT that you can manage a 3 hrs endurance ride (for example a endurance workout with progression level 5.4) and will adjust your progression level according to that. But, as @mcneese.chad told you, AT doesn’t care about TSS load and fatigue, it will give you credit for progression levels but won’t adjust your upcoming week or workouts for something easy.

What you can do now is manually adjust your upcoming workouts for easier alternatives or something like that, and AT will keep adapting upcoming workouts according your PL and difficulty surveys.