Is a high volume plan training suitable for preparing for a challenging 3-day MTB event?

I am currently following a low-volume Sweet Spot II plan. In June 2024, I will be participating in a 3-stage MTB event covering 200 kilometers and 9,000 meters of elevation gain. I wonder if, for proper preparation, I should gradually increase my weekly training volume.

I would say HV with some long weekend rides will do well for you.
I done 4 months HV and did a 3 day road event. I felt stronger each day peaking on the last day.
I think the back to back hard days on TR will simulate the 3 days of racing and you will know how youre body handles the stress.
What event are you doing? Im booked on the Lanzarote club la santa 3 day stage race in January

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We’d recommend sticking with what you think will be sustainable. Often, that’s a Low or Mid Volume plan for most athletes. High Volume plans offer a lot of structure that can be difficult to follow if you don’t have enough time or flexibility.

Don’t feel like you necessarily need to bump up training volume to continue progressing or achieve your goals in your upcoming race. This article has some good tips for you:

That said, we certainly do believe that adding volume can be beneficial! It can be a great way to dial in your nutrition/hydration strategies, your bike fit, and your skills on the bike out in real, extended riding conditions.

Make sure to stick to low-intensity and stay mindful of how you are feeling and recovering so you don’t add on too much extra stress. This other article might also help you out:

Hope this info is useful! Feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions. :slight_smile:

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I would stick to the LV plan but add gradually add easy Z2 (55-65% ftp) time each week, either after a hard session or between hard days. That’s how virtually all pro’s train and proven to work for us mortals too. No more than 3 hard sessions per week (2 is probably already optimal) , volume is king

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I completed a 7 day MTB stage race (500km / 16,000m ascent) on a basically a MV plan with a once per month 5hr endurance ride insread of the scheduled 2hr sweatspot.

I felt strong going into it and didn’t weaken as much as other competitors.


what race?

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Keep the LV plan, add endurance hours, have fun.