Fascat Coaching - Coachcat Workout Analysis & AI Coaching

I haven’t seen anyone mention this recent release, but there seem to be some FC users around so I was wondering if any of you have tried it yet?

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c’mon they need a cuter mascot than that.
This is what Copilot whipped up. I like it!


I have been thinking the same thing. Kind of surprised nobody is talking about this on here…

I have been using the optimize app for about 6 months and am now using CoachCat. Honestly, it’s awesome.


Unless it is gorillas lifting weights I want no part in it! :rofl:

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Free month there now too.

I think it has been interesting that FASCAT and trainer road are kind of releasing the same concepts at about the same time. Fascat is a little quicker to the draw, but probably not quite as polished. It’s going to come down to who’s training plans and general philosophy you like more.

I like the FASCAT has strength plans, all types of discipline plans, and meal plans. I also like that weekend rides are a little more “just go ride your bike” and less based on intervals. However, they’re kind of intended to be done outside or you probably have to get Zwift also.

Trainerroad has the edge in terms of controlling your indoor workouts and is definitely lower cost.

So is their “AI” ftp detection just based on your best 20 effort (x power) from a ride? If so, that aint AI.

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Seven years of AI-ftp detection :joy: Being 100% serious except for the “AI-” part.

Coach Cat looks really interesting. The app’s ride analysis looks interesting. Thing I like about FasCat plans is that group rides are built into plans. Four years I got faster following their plans, hired a FC coach and got faster again. I’m going back to basics for most of this year, will pick up FasCat subscription later this year.

I used their plans for a couple years and i once thought they were good, but now I cant say i like their plans, seem like they do too much intensity to me. Their BWR plans are a bit nuts, and their recovery weeks have intervals mid week?like 2 or 3 days into the the rest week… no thanks, my body needs to recover and rebuild, not to mention a mental break. But i they work for you, keep at it, i just think there are better plans out there

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Are you going to sign up with a coach or just the app for the generic plans?

Had a FasCat coach for 3 years, he was awesome and heavily customized my plan. Just interested in the app at the moment.


So what exactly is AI coaching? So you get coached by a bot?

As for the “human” coaching… The starter cost of $99 plus the cost of the lowest tier plan ($179 from a quick glance) is crazy to me. No adjustments to you plan, one phone call a month.

I knew people who paid for coaching that met in person with a training group. Maybe someone who does this can explain the benefit to me… because I just don’t get it.

Has anybody tried the AI app yet? Any reviews or feedback?

I’m not sure about the app, but their AI podcast was horrible to try to listen to.


Apparently you can do a 1 month free trial without entering any payment details so you can give it a go at no risk.

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I subscribed to see what the AI thing was like, whilst following CTS plans. To get the full benefit you’d need to be following their plans in the app also.

It basically looks over your workout and says well done and makes a few suggestions, very easy to interact with and talk to.

It also checks in on your hrv and sleep and makes suggestions.

I think it’s too expensive for what it offers me. I really dont need to pay an app to tell me I didnt sleep well and the following days intervals should change. I do that myself for free.