Do not underestimate Bald Knob - a lesson in learning, assumptions and having a "Chad"

So I am relatively new to TR and enjoying the workouts as I work through Base Mid volume 1. Up until now I have used the Zone 1 endurance sessions as a rest days and dropped them (at my age I need a bit of time to recover).

However this week was the lower intensity last week and I was faced with “Bald Knob” (Which I assume is a reference to a mountain top). As I started it I was thinking to myself, “This will be boring - I might as well do a Zwift simulated ride.” (SILLY ME!).

What I did not realise was that there were a whole load of structured leg spin exercises in there, that once I started them were actually quite useful. It made me realise that this is where the true value of these sessions are, having a “Chad” talk through a session and do exercises specific, even in the more simple, less stressful sessions.

OK I admit I have adapted some (so spinning at 110-120 rather than staying “a few rpm higher than normal”. I have also been deliberately dropping onto the drops as I have a left right imbalance in power that appears on my TT bike in very low positions (Hip flexor weakness) so again the “kick gently over the top” was a very useful session for this.

This is so much better than the Zwift workouts I started with which try and insist you hold a particular cadence whether you want to or not, and if you don’t you get nagged.

So my lesson - please do not do what I did. Do not assume these lower zone endurance sessions are just “Ticking over”. They are not.

In fact I searched out a longer one and did the 90 minutes of Fletcher today. Definitely feeling it and worth it.

Lesson understood, learnt and being applied… Thanks Chad


I did this yesterday too. I completely agree with you, it’s a great workout for targeting pedaling technique.


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