100 Mile Sportive Velo North UK

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First Post so please be gentle.

I have signed up for the event in the title which takes place in September and I am looking for a little advice. I have just completed the Sweet spot Mid Base 1 and 2 and I will start the Build Phase at the weekend. Will the best option be to do the Mid Sustained Build or something else.

Once that is complete and I move onto the Speciality Phase would my best option be Century or Climbing Road Race. There are a couple of 4K climbs which will be steep for me and from what I have read if the course is hilly you should follow the Climbing Road Race but there are a lot of different views out there and not being a REAL biker it is sometimes confusing.

Any advice would be great.



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It sounds like you’re riding to finish rather than racing, if that is assumption is incorrect the answer is probably in equally wrong.

So, if you’re riding to finish then I would say Century. Climbing Road Race discusses racing situations where you’re trying to make a selection, Century focusses on muscular endurance which is likely what you’ll need. I did RideLondon a couple of years ago having done the same first two phases as you and then Century and felt really strong all the way round.

That’s perfect and yes I just want to finish.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Can I ask did you also do a lot of outdoor riding?

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If you can complete either century or climbing road race mid volume then you’ll be fine.
The main reason why I’d do some outdoor rides would be to check equipment and validate my fuelling strategy.

You dod need to get some significant rides in outside prior to the event.
I would have thought that maybe 3-4 rides of between 45 and 60 miles would be a decent target.
Time on the bike is everything.

I did low volume with an added outdoor ride at the weekend.

Thanks all for the advice.

I rode 3 * 50 miles over the bank holiday weekend at 14 mph and it felt quite easy but no big hills in sight just inclines.


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