IQ2 Power Meter

Hey IQ2. Release a hub based power meter. I dare you.





Just shameless. The shameless. The comments for the Kickstarter campaign are gold. It’s a combination of people telling them to f**k off and delusion one’s anxiously awaiting their new pm. I assume the positive comments are just posted by the iq2 scammer under a different name.

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Well an entirely new twist on the saga that just won’t die. Yesterday on the IQ2 Backers and Customers FB group, someone posted a fairly lengthy post about being a (Canadian) entrepeneur who is going to work with the organization deliver and be their North American representative.

" Who am I? I’m a seasoned entrepreneur out of Canada that is passionate about all things cycling, racing, sport tourism related and growing the sport. Working in a sport that I love has been a desire of mine for a very long time. I’ve formed a partnership with iQ2 whereby I will be representing their product in the North American markets with the longer term goal of overseeing sales worldwide. I am working closely with them on fixing their messaging and communication processes."

Well, IQ2 has stirred the pot again claiming they are going to production again and then predictably backed away again and this FB posting was about as successful as Guy Fawkes celebrations next to the Hindenburg.

Who knows. Is this guy legit and wants to help and/or a naive dreamer whohas no idea what he’s in for, a patsy, useful idiot, or collaborator. Time will tell. I’m over it and like many others have moved on with alternates, but there are still a sufficient number of very angry people to keep this entertaining.

I think IQ2 messaging and communication processes are finely tuned at this point for continuing the scam.

If anybody believes the collaborator isn’t part of the scam I have a bridge to sell you. Just Venmo me $500 at @TotallyNotAScamJustSendMeDough


Friend of mine was looking at this earlier and noticed the MTB pedals have gone from the site.

I’m in Canada too - you can send me money if you like :joy:

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Looks like someone woke up one day and set life to ‘hard mode’.


As my brother-in-law says sometimes - troubles are optional, and some buy the full options package.

The good news: I’m sure he can get an exclusive distribution contract.


Nobody can undercut distribution if they don’t have a product to distribute :exploding_head:


Same guy also posted on a Toronto Bike group that he is “looking into bringing a quantity of Look cleats from China”

He’s also gone on a Facebook blocking rampage against several users in the IQ2 Backers group and for some unknown reason childishly posted his “blocked list”. Apparently he thinks he deserves some kind of adoration for stepping into this shitshow but doesn’t want any negative attacks.

I think he’s a Shark Tank/Dragon’s Den wannabe who thinks he’s businessman knows better than everyone and will save the venture :grimacing::joy:

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It’s been awhile but but these showers up on my fb feed today.

Seems like a good time to link back to my evergreen post from…2018 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Gotta love the tag line - “think again”.

It’s a fantastic deal! - Think again.
They have 4.5 stars!!! - Think again.
It’s 100% guaranteed!!! - Think again.


Just curious, Has anyone received a working set yet. Already chalked this up as a wash. Surprisingly, their website is saying 10-15 days delivery time. SMH!!! This is soooo wrong

I got an Instagram ad too. Shameless.

Never Ending Story GIFs | Tenor


i got an ad that was just showing up as “powermeterpedals”
So as the good consumer i am, i clicked on the dam thing.

Then the iq2 logo came up and i chuckled
who’s willing to place a losing bet of $200?

lol… no.

I actually originally ordered from the site too (because yes, I’m that dumb).