Rotor INSpider power meter? Anyone have one?

Hi good people. Does anyone here have first hand experience of the Rotor INSpider power meter. Looks pretty good on paper but I’m struggling to find any reviews I trust…

Don’t know what @GPLama and @dcrainmaker are playing at?

I’m looking for a second power meter for my “good” bike that has a rotor crankset so I don’t have to swap over my assiomas as often. Of course I could just get another pair of assiomas but where is the fun in that?

I don’t have one yet.

They can’t be that proud of it if they haven’t sent you one yet :man_shrugging:

I was wondering since P2M has cranks made for them by Rotor if the Rotor InSpider isn’t just a rebranded P2M. Quid pro quo as you would say in US :wink:

@kevstraining I would still get P2M. It is the combo I use (with Rotor 3D24 chranks). For a change, my new bike will have Assiomas :slight_smile:

Is the p2m compatible with rotor Q chainrings?

The P2M doesn’t have quite the stated accuracy (for what that’s worth) and my preference would be a rechargeable battery but I see they have a sale on making them pretty reasonable cost wise. :thinking:

Sorry I missed that. I don’t know. However, the replaceable battery is no problem. Twice a year (300 hours approximately per battery) 30 seconds to change it.

Playing at? Sorry?

I have one here… after a very long process of getting a hold of one. I’m collecting a ton of data inside and out and seeing how it stacks up.

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p2max says the use of Q-rings doesn’t matter, meaning power readings are within spec. I’ve never used Q-rings, so I cannot say for sure.

As for p2m accuracy, I would say it’s good if not great. I have two bikes with type-S units. When outdoor on a climb in similar conditions at a given wattage, the time is about dead on. When comparing either to my Neo, both are spot on as well.

p2max NG has a USB rechargeable battery. All of the other models have those coin cell batteries.

Thanks for all the info :+1: The P2max Neco looks like the sensible choice - the NG looks like the one that ticks all the boxes but not sure how it ends up double the price?

NG is their top of the line. Features exclusive to it are:

  • usb rechargeable battery
  • pedal smoothness data
  • torque data

I find all three of the above, especially the latter two to be of questionable value. While a USB rechargeable battery sounds great, it is one more thing to forget to charge (i.e.,Di2 or eTap). I have had so many friends forget to charge their stuff :man_facepalming: Also, p2max battery changes take a couple min and you only need to do it a couple times a year.

I would recommend going w/the NGeco if you do the p2max.

Thanks, I lean more towards rechargeable batteries because of my positive experience with my faveros after having suffered with my stages. The less said about the troubles my friends have had with their Vector 3 battery covers the better.

On Paper the INSpider seems like its ideal, but most important thing is that it works well. Sounds like the P2max is the proven version.