Stages Further Lowers Power Meter Pricing to $299


At this point, I will see if they have something that will work on my 2x10 SRAM MTB drivetrain.

I was interested, and by some of the closeout deals as well, but then their shipment charges to Canada killed that idea. Plus, they use UPS, who will charge you an arm an a leg (only one of each, these are single-sided power meters after all) to get shipments through customs.

I missed a pair of Vector 2 from a local seller at a great price last week, so I’m now back to burying my power-on-the-road idea again.


Mountain Equipment Coop carry stages PMs in Canada with free shipping and should reflect this pricing change soon.


Good point. Let’s see how long it takes for that price change to make it here. There’s also PBK selling 4iiii at reasonable prices.

If you know someone with a Goodlife membership, they can get 35% off of the reg price on the Garmin site. Pretty solid deal. Couple friends have done so.

That’s one way of making a PM affordable and blown some of the opposition out of the window.

Pretty happy with this, have a set of Assomia’s for the Road & TT bike, but been thinking of chucking a left only PM on the MTB for TSS tracking, not super fussed if it’s out by a couple of percent.
And I’m a right foot forward descender so :crossed_fingers: won’t get any massive power spikes.

Anything for the next sl?

Maybe this, but the price is still higher?

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I noticed the price didn’t change as well. I’m all in if it comes in stock at $300.

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That $500 may be the “adjusted” price. Notice that the link I show above lists “$629.99 USD”, so that may be the “old” price. The higher prices for a carbon arm vs the potentially less expensive aluminum ones for Shimano makes sense too.

And that jives with the info in Ray’s article.

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Great point about carbon vs aluminum. Didn’t think of that. Now I have to consider the cinch power meter vs stages arm.

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Im not sure in the US, in Australia there are two very active FB groups, Cycling Buy Sell Victoria and Bicycle Market, both with 20k members. You can often find power meters quite cheap, I have bought 3, with zero problems.

  • Quarq D Zero $450
  • Power2Max $600
  • DA Stages 9000 53/39 $600

And that was a quick search. Which makes owning a PM more affordable. Although at $299 that’s very affordable. Also Magene have a new PM coming out very shortly, Ultegra crank based, but with their own crankset coming shortly at an affordable cost.

Their own crank? Their current offering has the same ‘just like all the rest’ issues with Shimano right readings.