iPhone 12 UI issue at the top of the screen

In various parts of the iOS app, on my iPhone 12 mini (and perhaps other X and up models, not sure) the top left and top right UI elements (see screenshot) are basically inaccessible which make it very hard to navigate (f.ex. filtering workouts is almost impossible).


Am I doing something wrong, or could this be updated?

Thanks for a great app & service otherwise!!


I’m experiencing the same. I believe it should be an adjustment in the touch target size in the next app update to accommodate those of us who do not have doll hands.

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Install the IOS beta, all of the UI issues are fixed.


I filed a ticket weeks ago. The solution is to use the beta, unfortunately.

Thanks folks, good to know this is being fixed, will await the beta!

I have the sane problem. How do I find the Beta?

I was given a link from support, but this may work.

Hey Mr. Holland :slight_smile: Any idea when this will go public?

I don’t work for TR, so your guess is as good as mine.

LOL BRUH. Im so sorry. :rofl:

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