Ipad Pro and SRM Powermeter - how to connect Ant+

Hi there - see lots of threads but no solution for an SRM Origin (ANT+ only) connecting to an iPad Pro 2018 and getting TR software to recognize it…

I used a USB-C to USB-A adapter and plugged in my Ant+ dongle, but not being recognized. Saw something about downloading an iOS plug-in but can’t find that anywhere.

Has anyone ever figured this out? Would prefer this, as currently only my MacBook Pro with Ant+ dongle can be used for training…


I would recommend using the North Pole Engineering (NPE) CABLE which is an ant+ to Ble bridge.

Thank N8lewis. Have you used this successfully on an iPad Pro? I saw that but would like to avoid another $60 purchase (in addition to the ant+ dongle for the MacBook Pro. Turns out that may be the only option.

I used it for several months and had no issues with it. Sometimes would have issues when connecting hrm + trainer but only occasionally and never after I stopped doing that. I think since I stopped using it they have had several updates to improve performance and use with cycling apps.