IOS App Multitasking

Hey all,

I’ve recently started using the IOS app on my iPhone X to control my Kickr due to issues with my ANT+ dongle & my laptop. I actually think that I like the interface of the app more, so I am not planning on buying a new USB ANT+ stick.

My question is about multitasking on the phone while in the middle of a workout. Obviously during hard intervals I’m not going to be focusing on anything else, but during low intensity stuff I would like to scroll through social media, or send a few texts or watch a video or something. Am I able to do this? Or will the app stop controlling my Kickr once I have switched to another app?

Thanks a bunch

During rest intervals I’ve switched to other apps - check email, reply to texts, etc.

yes you can, they have also added the function to resume the workout if u were to accidentally close it as well!

Yes - the TR app keeps running in the background.