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I’m using the iOS app for my workouts, and I have been taking 2-5 minutes immediately at the end to make comments about the workouts (as close as I can get to “in the moment”).

Is there a field for this in the app? Am I missing something?

I’ve been hitting the analyze button which opens Chrome and making things work. It’s just a bit clunky. Considering how often Nate and Chad talk about the importance of making such notes, I’m inclined to believe that I’m missing something.

Check the little pencil on bottom left, make sure you save the note once you’re finished typing because if you hit back button without saving, it won’t save. Hope that solves it for you!


Thanks. I knew I had to be missing something

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Hijacking this thread with a related question: I’d like to prepare for my workouts by looking at my own comments from previous runs at the same workout. However I don’t find them in the app, only on the web. Is this correct? If it is, I’d like to turn this into a feature request for the iOS app. Thanks!

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Interesting. Are you using TrainerRoad for running or was that a typo?

I’d be interested in comparing one workout to the last time I did THAT workout, afterword. If you figure out how, I would like to know

Only way I know to look at them, is on the website when you search under the workout tab. If you scroll down the page on the work out you’re trying to compare. You’ll see” my rides “, “all rides”, Under my rides it will have all the previous times you did that work out. Hopefully that makes sense and helps. I don’t think there is a way on the actual app only on the web.

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and if you add notes to the workout, those will also show beneath each instance. I wish annotations did as well, because I use those instead of notes. After that, you will need to pull each workout up in separate windows side by side and zoom on the workout portion of your ride so it’s apples to apples and ignores any extra cooldown or warmup you may have added.

I want to update this to a Feature Request… but unclear about the actionable items of what that would look like… a way to filter by comments / show comment history by workout? Any ideas on specific verbiage?

Thanks, all!

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Showing comments history by workout would be nice!
Maybe set up same way as online by searching through the workouts or
Under each of the individual workout notes by Chad, before or afteryou do the workout, have a button or link to view previous comments?
What I wrote makes sense in my head I hope it makes sense to you :laughing:


I have two possible solutions as of now, both web based, so they are workarounds until we get something in the mobile apps. Any notes added to any workout are visible, but shown condensed vs any hard line returns you may have in the full opened view of each workout

  1. Open your Career, Past Rides and search for the desired workout name, which gives you every workout you’ve done, sorted from most recent to oldest:
  1. Open the Workouts section and then search for the desired workout name, then open the workout, which gives you every workout you’ve done, sorted from most recent to oldest:

Sorry, not a native speaker here, I meant something along “my next attempt at a given workout”, no running involved for me :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m aware of those on the web, my point was if they could be made available in the app, without breaking out to the web. Cheers!

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Hi Ivy,
let’s say I’m in the calendar view of the app:

My next workout is Lion Rock, so I click it. And it is on that screen that I would like to see my previous Lion Rock-Workouts, maybe as a button at the yellow circle:

Or maybe in the description below: