🎉🎉🎉 Introducing AI FTP Detection 🎉🎉🎉

I just did the AI FTP detection and didn’t accept the change and it also changed my workout from a ramp test to something else.

Fine for me as the TR FTP test freezes for me so I wouldn’t have used the ramp test anyway (I do an external test and then manually change in TR) but thought I’d share in case the TR team is tracking this bug.

Changing? Thats the default behaviour.

It is if you accept but I would think if you look but don’t accept it would leave the ramp test there. Seems like people are using the AI to peek at what TR thinks their ftp is but still want to do the ramp test. But maybe changing even if you don’t accept the recommendation isn’t actually a bug? :man_shrugging:


The intended behavior is for your scheduled FTP test to be replaced on your Calendar in both scenarios (accept or keep). We’re treating “Keep Current” as a deliberate action here, indicating to us that you feel your current FTP is more accurate for you to train with. In that case, we still replace the FTP test so you can get right back to your training without having to find a workout for that day.

Also, on the screen where you Accept / Keep there is a third option to load the Ramp Test if you still want to take it!


So I’ve been off the bike for some time so I’m a bit out of the loop with AI FTP these days. It seems that unstructured rides are now taken into account?

If so, if I’m doing an outdoor workout and keep riding for an hour after it, should I end my ride and save the activity and start a new one or is it fine to leave as a single activity?

I think you are mixing two things that are currently in a different states with respect to “unstructured rides”:

  • AIFTPD DOES take into account ALL RIDES (anything imported to the TR calendar, as well as the rating assigned to them so make sure to add that for any non-TR workout).

  • AT Progression Levels DOES NOT take into account “unstructured rides”. The only things that directly impact PL’s are actual inside or outside TR workouts. Anything else is ignored now, until they release Workout Levels Version 2.


Ah ok yeah it seems I was mixing them up

Unfortunately, Progression Levels are relatively useless for anyone that does a majority of their training outdoors. Until PL’s are updated to take outdoor rides into the equation … it’s a very limiting system.

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no they’re not, i’ve done lots of TR workouts pushed to my gamin and did progression levels. but i’m assuming you’re talking about unstructured workouts, i’d bet more often than not that people aren’t fitting in that much work that it would register highly on a progression level scale. even doing like 45mins of sweet spot in a long ride would be like a 3.9 on progression levels


honestly I think a lot of people are putting way too much stock in unstructured outside rides as far as their impact on progression levels


Even more reason to make unstructured workouts show up in progression levels. Negative feedback on junk miles.

I know, it’s coming… I hope soon. :pray: It would be a great early christmas gift.


I assume I’m best off contacting TR support if AI FTP detection fails for me? Not been a problem in the past, but it just wont seem to run this time.

Yup, we simply can’t access the same info.

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It does not seem to be working today. Send TR a message

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lol, particularly because a few days ago I did 1x90 @ 266w (90%)

The team are currently looking into the issue! Thanks for the reports, guys :+1: . I will keep you updated as we gather more information!

@hubcyclist , I’m going to look into this for you and will shoot you a DM when I have more information.

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@14dayweek @Textuality
Good news guys! It looks like this was an edge case issue and our engineers were able to work their magic to get this fixed! Let me know if anyone has any questions for me!


FTP detection is working fine now. That was fast. Thanks


Our devs are wizards!! :zap: :zap: :zap: Great stuff!!!


I’m 300 posts behind on this thread so I apologize if this suggestion has been made already. @IvyAudrain, it would be great to still get an alternate workout in lieu of a ramp test even if users decide not to update their FTP.

In my case, AI FTP Detection estimated a 1 watt difference from my current FTP. That 1 watt is well within the accuracy of my power meter and, frankly, wasn’t worth the effort to update the zones on my head unit, TrainingPeaks, etc. I elected to keep my current FTP but did not get an alternate workout. I found one “in family” for the plan but would still be nice to have a suggestion.

No rush, as this is just a nuisance feature and total first world problem. Keep up the great work!


Thanks for passing your thoughts along to us!
I dig this idea and it makes sense for folks who want to opt for a plan-compliant workout who may not need an FTP update.

It’s good feedback to have as AI FTP Detection continues to grow and evolve to meet athlete’s needs, we love to have input like this in mind!
We appreciate you. Cheers!