🎉🎉🎉 Introducing AI FTP Detection 🎉🎉🎉

There’s a big thread on it but if you don’t accept the AI FTP D you can run it as often as you like. Its only if you accept it that you have to wait 28days. Post 1520 onwards has got the stuff about the update.

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No sure why you were saying do an FTP update every 2 weeks. I was actually thinking exactly the opposite. Taking 8-12 weeks to build my PLs significantly before I do an FTP test. That way I see real progression across the range of training levels rather than in just one figure. That satisfies my data needs.

Small increases in FTP after 2 or 4 weeks don’t matter that much. Might even be noise or within statistical uncertainty.


This is so true. Say it AI FTP detection raises you 5W :star_struck: or lowers you 5W :grimacing: … that’s likely within the margin of error of your powermeter. Unless you’re brand new to structured training, you really shouldn’t expect a bump every few weeks.


I did try that. it suggested my FTP increased 4 points. I declined it as I had just taken the ramp test 2 days ago.

It states that, either I can accept the newly calculated FTP or I have to wait 28 days.
It does not give me an option to recalculate it right now.

  • Right, that is by design.

I’ve not tried my self, it was doing similar for me (not letting me re run AIFTP D) but according to Jonathan response if you’ve not accepted an AI FTP D you can perhaps you just need to give it time to let the ramp test get out of the system (you probably accepted that). The last couple of years I got better results TT wise keeping my FTP more constant. This year I let AI FTP D ramp it up (gave in to vanity) and it didn’t go as well for me. Perhaps its not the reason, or all of it, but for the last month and half I decided to keep a more constant FTP anyway and the 28 day thing doesn’t really bother me.

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Agreed. Doing AIFTPD more than every month is primarily a vanity thing. But I’m not above that. :wink:

  • Kind of…

If you run the AIFTPD and it offers a value (say increase from 200w to 220w), you can choose to decline and not accept that. From that point through the next 27 days, you can re-run the AIFTPD, but it will return the very same 220w value offering in most cases, until you surpass that 28-day window.

  • This is to prevent “FTP seeking” behavior looking for wattage increases (even minimal ones) over short periods of time.

  • As covered in their help doc and pointed about above, the only exception where AIFTPD will return a different FTP value within that same 28 day window (as set by launching the tool), is when there is a DECREASE in your FTP from the original offering to your present state, as determined by AIFTPD. This exception is meant to handle issues that may lead to lower performance and offer a more suitable and practical value for subsequent training.

So, it’s not possible to revisit AIFTPD within that 28-day window to look for any INCREASES, which I think was the unstated goal of the person to which you replied, aligned with behavior that was also clearly visible as this tool was released and used.


An interesting compromise would be to have AT FTP run in the background on a weekly or daily basis, but only have that data presented to you every 28 days. Satisfies the data junkies and prevents FTP seeking.

Totally off topic, but this discussion of how often to update your FTP reminds me that I watch way too often for Garmin to tell me my VO2 Max has improved:)

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So… ideally… when should one push this button? Every 28 days is probably overkill. Is it recommended to wait until a ramp test pops up on my calendar? I was thinking it would be nice if AI FTP told me when my ftp has changed enough that I should consider updating it, but maybe it’s better to do it on a schedule based on where I am in my plan. Thoughts?

  • Nate has mentioned that their end goal is to have this run in the background, and then prompt the user when sufficient deltas in AIFTPD are seen.

  • We have no idea what that threshold would be (1%, 2%, 5%, etc.) as well as if it might depend on the current training phase (if you’re even in a plan) as well as the specific discipline involved (TT vs XCM vs DH) as these can and do have different emphasis on things like FTP vs TTE. It’s all far more complicated if you take into account anything more that pure data tracking, which I think is worthwhile.

  • Generally, I’d apply it in similar fashion to how I’d use any FTP test. Do it at the beginning of a training block to have a good starting value for that training, but it also becomes one benchmark (of many) that can be reviewed at the completion of said block.

  • I’d also consider it if there is any indication that your FTP is different as a result of training or time away. Pretty much the same concept as applying tests or even manual adjustments when you suspect FTP is not quite right.


I get the feeling this has already been cleared up, but I want to make sure everyone’s on the same page!

If you keep your current FTP rather than accepting a new AI FTP Detection, the 28-day countdown gets set. That recently-detected AI FTP will be valid for the 28-day period. You can see/accept that FTP again at any point in that 28-day period by hitting the AI FTP button. The scenario described here is correct (thanks, Chad!):

Unless we detect a significant decrease in your FTP in those 28 days, you won’t get a new AI FTP until this countdown on the AI FTP Detection screen hits zero:


As you mentioned, when an FTP Test shows on your Calendar. Typically, that’d be at the start of a training block.

Love these ideas! These most recent updates are only the “tip of the iceberg”, so we’ll just have to wait and see what’s coming next… :melting_face:


Dude…that’s me, 100%. I even bought a damn Garmin 955 Solar watch so I could be even dorkier about it.


I just played around with this and discovered what I assume is a bug. I clicked the button under my next ramp test and then chose to not use the AI FTP value. Then it went ahead and deleted the ramp test and substituted it with a workout…

If I chose to not use the AI-value, shouldn’t it leave the ramp test there for me to do? I have replaced it manually now, but it seems like an error - I understand replacing the ramp test if you use AI detection instead. But if you chose not to use the AI detection, it should keep the ramp test in the plan…


Is the 28 day timer reset for everyone beginning today? Ie. if I did an AI FTP detection last week, will it detect a new FTP for me next week or will it give me the same FTP it detected last week but rejected?

It starts when you first use it after the change was made. The one you rejected does not start the timer, according to my observations.


came here to say the same. detected my ftp from the account page (out of curiosity), did not accept and ramp test was replaced.

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It’s worth pointing out a side benefit of this new approach: try it before your PL get nerfed.

  1. aiFTP detects a large FTP bump

  2. I refuse bump because I’m skeptical
    (Vanity & optimism got me burned before: When I accepted a bump, my PL got nerfed , new inflated FTP was too high and I reverted to old FTP but PL stayed low and then i needed to manage workouts using screenshots of past PL graph, basically overruling AT all the time with Stretch wo. )

  3. Try what aiFTP proposed by doing threshold workout (let’s say Marion) with a % increase per aiFTP proposal.

  4. Did I successfully complete this harder threshold wo?
    If no, keep pushing my PL.
    If yes, accept the aiFTP bump and see my PL get nerfed.


One thing about #3 that has not been explained: If you have used aiFTP in the 28days prior to Oct 26th, when does it unlock? I still have some PL progression to achieve before i think I’m ready for a bump
so i won’t click to find out and use up what is becoming scarcer.

Also on #2, do I get to see (before accepting aiFTP) how the PL would be affected ?