🎉 🎉 🎉 Introducing Adaptive Training! 🎉 🎉 🎉

There are lots of questions about when someone will be in the beta.

Here are the considerations for every time we bring in more people:

  1. Are there any show stopping bugs?
  2. Are there any heavy confusion points?
  3. Are there any performance issues?

The current beta group has found #1 and #2 and we’re fixing them. We’ll release those and wait a couple days for feedback. If we get nothing, we’ll let the next group in.

We’ll then repeat that until we just let everyone in at once.

It usually starts off slow then accelerates quickly.

The GOOD news is that we’re going to release parts of AT to everyone. It’s an aggressive timeline and we understand that everyone wants this out ASAP.


Yes, you can still customize your training plan.


Chad, I just listened to the podcast and I’m completely confused, I know to get the full benefit you have to be in the beta program, but if you have an account and you’re in the middle of a training plan, is there anything new that they have rolled out with adaptive? Or is it all or nothing

I tried searching but cannot find an answer- is there a way you can use two power sources and the ML knows which one and adjusts zones etc? EG power meter outdoors, smart trainer indoors, 3/4% difference.

Right now, the only “new” thing that is available to everyone is the new TrainNow feature.

It is possible to use, if you are on any of the beta versions of the apps (Win/Mac/iOs/Android) through the “Workouts” tab.

  • Notably, this tool is meant largely for people NOT following a training plan. Giving the freedom to pick and choose workouts with a bit more direction than randomly searching the large workout library.

  • But it can also be used to supplement a plan (like adding work to a Low Volume Plan) or to find an alternate workout if you don’t like what is on the schedule.

That’s if for now.


I did a new workout for me tonight, Nightcap -1. Boy it was tough and I was exhausted come the end but in my eyes I passed it. I’d love to know what the new AT system would think though - despite being on a Wahoo Kickr (in erg mode) and using the new powermatch (iOS Beta, but not AT Beta) my power does seem to fluctuate considerably, to the point where I’m not sure what ML would make of it.

I say this because it’s flagged as a Threshold workout but only 29% of the ride was in that zone. Each of the 4 intervals contained a reasonable amount of time in sweetspot (12%) or VO2Max zones (13%). It’s as if my trainer compensates for the sweetspot work being under threshold target by then pushing me into VO2Max to ensure the overall interval average is on target. Anyone else see this type of fluctuation and is it an indication of poor form on my part? I do turn off power smoothing.

I wouldn’t worry about it. If your FTP were 400 watts, 3/4% is 3 watts.

If you are concerned about it, use Power Match (assuming you use the same bike indoors and outside).

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Good update @Nate_Pearson, thank you.

I’d say that you passed that. Certainly better than most people hold outdoors. Your NP was within 1-2 watts of the target power. Well done!


Those minor fluctuations are totally normal with any power meter. That ride is a solid success.


I agree. I think they would have waited until podcast 300 but the DJ video caused a rethink. No-one is mentioning that video now.

It runs server side. Easier to update quickly.


This is the dream. Say when you can train, then the appropriate and “best” set comes in.


So say I’m doing a plan and my weds workout is 1 hour but I have 90 mins on that day. Can I just use TrainNow and select a 90 min workout and then my plan will adapt?

This is correct. This is also the vision too.

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I’ve answered this question a few times. Please see the post above. I’ll also say it on the podcast this week (if I remember).


This is true. You can also delete your data and we’ll delete everything we have.

There are some big fines too!


You can delete them, mark it as “time off”, or just don’t do them.


3/4% of 400 is 12-16

So for my ftp it’s 12- which at threshold after 20 minutes is an important amount :joy:

Can use power match but over summer it’s easier to have my bike with the PM being used outside with my cross bike on the turbo. First world problem I know but just wondering is all.


Custom workouts will have AT levels assigned to it by launch.

As of now, it’s only Plan Builder plans, but “ad-hoc” plans will have it in the next couple weeks.

“non-plans” won’t have it, but if there is a big outcry for it we can look into doing that.