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  • Sure, which is fine to do.

  • But recognize that sharing a dead link and asking for help from us non-TR people will give very limited ability to help. As mentioned, and with your settings, you are likely best to just contact TR support directly via email for questions like this, because we (non-TR) are working off limited info.


Understood on the visibility. My more general question to everyone was: if you indicated that you cut a ride short / didn’t “successfully” complete a ride due to technical issues, does AT give you PL credit or not.

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Not when your software development process is more concerned about delivering working software than meeting an arbitrary schedule. Software development is a learning process. Learning doesn’t happen on a schedule.

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I’ve cut short for time and it gave me full credit. I presume it would do the same for technical, but again, support would have that answer confirmed for you.


I suspect the rough amount completed (5% vs 95% will sure be different), as well as the adherence to the power targets plays a factor, along with the reason selected. Ultimately, the “it depends” is very likely here and we can’t make a blanket statement. I can easily see reasons it would include PL change, while other times it will not.

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So I heard back from TR Support, and the answer was:

Unfortunately, we cannot include workouts that were cut short for Adaptive Training, no matter the reason given. Hopefully, we can implement this functionality in the future, but I have no ETA on that.


Dang, that is a bummer. Means there is some strong incentive to at least get to the cool down if you are able, and anywhere over 50% done in particular. We still get whatever training we had, so not a total loss, but might mean a delay in progression in some cases.

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If you fast forward to just before the end of the cool down, spin for a couple of minutes, then the workout will finish. Won’t that count as “completed”, in that the worked ended in the correct manner for AT?

In this case, the dropouts were so bad that TR wasn’t even seeing that I was pedaling, so no real way to get to the end / cool down. Though I guess I could have turned off pedal to resume, and manually skipped to the cool down, and then just let it run in the cool down for a bit with zero data.


Even if that ends up being “Completed” vs “Cut Short”, I don’t expect that you would get the “Pass / Success” survey. But I am guessing here.

If TR is looking at the power target compliance, it would seem likely to see a skip ahead as “failed” and give the “Struggle” survey. Would be worth a test, or maybe TR or a user who has experienced that can share the results.


Do you know any detail about “superpassing”? I remember hearing something about it early on, so I started superstitiously juicing up my workouts to like 101-105% for the last interval or so. However I don’t actually know whether that’s taken into account meaningfully.

Do you know anything about this?

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I know a bit. I had a workout I figured was a Super Pass, but got minimal changes in my PL. The discussion is WAY back in this thread.

We don’t really know specifically what it takes to hit a super pass. Could be anything, but I figured it would be 103% or more. I’d have to find my workout to see what I did, but I think I was quite a bit over 103% in my case for something like 4 of 5 intervals. I doubt that a single kick in only the last interval will lead to a SP if you did 80-90% of the work intervals at the regular 100%, but again… we don’t have hard info yet. My gut says you probably need to be exceeding targets on 50% or more of the workout and by 103% or more for those (yet again, guessing).

Even when I had confirmed my SP, they said they weren’t really leveraging the delta between the target and actual workout to a point that they were giving “bonus” PL changes. I got the same PL change as the original workout, which was a bummer. Makes sense to a point, but I had a major difference that amounted to nearly a full PL step difference from the target and my actual.

Based on our discussion, they said they would review that practice and might make some changes. I don’t think I have seen anything concrete on any changes or specifics since then, so not sure what is in place at the moment.

Short of any pending changes, the recommendation I took from that experience was to plan on choosing an Alternate that is more aligned with what you want or expect for any given workout, if you want to get “full credit” for the PL effort you put in. Better to just roll the workout as planned with minimal Workout Intensity adjustments, at least in this light.

Kinda stinks though, since they have repeated through the years, that we should use the WI adjustment to handle those days we are ripping or falling apart. There is a bit of a “penalty” to using it now with how AT seems to deal with those changes.

ETA: Here is the opening comment I had in my Super Pass experience, with lots of replies (including the comments I got from support).


Thanks! I won’t waste my time kicking up to 102% any more and will instead focus on just sticking with the recommended programs.
Thanks @mcneese.chad !!


Where do I go to see the current status on what rides are included and not included in the model?

@Nate_Pearson It would be great if you could mark each ride as IN THE MODEL vs NOT IN THE MODEL along with, to prevent the constant questions, a short but differentiating reason why a particular ride is NOT IN THE MODEL (Outside rides for Wahoo are not supported, etc.).

Second-guessing your training plan has to be one of the most effective ways to derail it.

With the update last week, the only things currently not giving credit to PLs are outside rides that have not yet been associated with an outdoor workout. Wahoo and Garmin outdoor workouts seem to be properly providing credit now.


Holy moly, that is awesome.

Is it necessary to switch the TR workout to outdoor before associating it?

Oh, and still might be a good idea to have some indication since an extra step is required to bring a ride into the model.

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Yes. Here is Ivy’s post when the update went live last week for the details. She specifically mentions they have to be switched to outdoors before being associated. Happy riding!!


After playing around a bit, it seems that you cannot just schedule a TR outside workout in the past, associate it and have the outdoor ride be in the model? Perhaps only workouts that are part of a plan builder plan are eligible?

How far back are you trying to go on the calendar?

20 days. I didn’t consider that. I’ll try something closer.

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