🎉 🎉 🎉 Introducing Adaptive Training! 🎉 🎉 🎉

I think you’ve asked the wrong person @PhilSJones but someone has answered anyway. Good job cos I’m not sure where those sessions are from my post and I was confused :grin:

And I didn’t mean to reply to you @jazir1979 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Same! They would be so helpful to me.

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sorry :frowning: moving up and down forum, trying to follow thread… !!!


Ha ha, possibly the most confusing sequence of posts I’ve seen on here :rofl:


Really helpful. In the absence of seeing progressions, I am putting together my own list so I have an idea of how things are progressing. This helps immensly :+1:

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Seeing some of the posts asking about progression levels has given me the idea that maybe I should offer coaching services and help non beta beta build their plans using my access to the workout levels lol

I’m open to clients!

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Not much of a business plan with so few having access to AT :rofl:

I’m using AT. I am trying to complete the survey response but all I see is a list of categories but no way of entering any sort of response. Am I missing something?

There should be a button to submit at the bottom of the survey. If you’re not seeing one, then it is a bug. If I recall correctly, the submit button missing was or is a bug they were dealing with. The OP has a like to all unresolved and resolved bugs for your reference.

Looks like you’re seeing the wrong questionnaire. That looks like the answers to the questionnaire for failed/struggle workouts under the workout rating survey question.

I’d contact support and find out why.

Well as a coach I’d be the Adaptive training and using the levels to adjust people’s plans


The Adaptive Training Know Issues should be updated to list Saving Survey Responses as still broken for some riders - at least 1, me. I reported this to TR Support yesterday.


This is exactly what happened. Can’t tell if it was user error on setup on plan builder just decided to duplicate what was in there.

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So I did my endurance ride outside today and paused it for a bit while I changed helmets (doing some nerd stuff lol) so the survey coming up is asking the stuff that’s associated with a failed workout.

How long was the time gap?


Dang, that’s lame then. Comments in the past lead us to believe that a short nature break wouldn’t cause a failed survey.

Might be work a direct email for them to check.

Any statisticians in the house? Let’s keep putting together data for how many members of TR, the % sign-up, rate of enrollment, and keep guessing until we narrow down the estimated wait times…

There are still issues with outside workouts being recognised correctly as @hubcyclist says. Last week I had two and have had a few emails back and forth around it.

Last week I had Bays+1 endurance with sprints seen as failed. I took a different route than normal and caught a few lights I had to stop at but hit the significant parts of the ride and had the appropriate TIZ for the endurance.

Also Bear-1, of the 90 odd 'work intervals I was slightly below target on two of them, the only other difference was 2 slightly extended rest intervals to get to sensible pieces of road and and an extended tempo half an hour on the way home. I did briefly stop after the 4th interval as I passed a rider looking at his bike on the path to check he was OK but my understanding is that the it was only the work intervals that were ‘assessed’ anyway.

Neither of these were seen as successfully completed. TR are aware of the issues around the recognition of outdoor workouts and are working on it but the more reports and workouts they get to look at the better I guess.


I’ve been a beta user pretty much from the beginning, and almost all my rides have been outside with a wahoo head unit - I’m a little surprised TR hasn’t solved this bug yet. There must be a lot of folks like me not getting any value out of AT still? I totally get the beta aspect, but I’m just surprised this bug is still ongoing. Anyone has some insight when they expect a fix?