🎉 🎉 🎉 Introducing Adaptive Training! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Appreciate it, although I guess my implicit expectation is that folks coming across my video would have watched the TR stuff for a full explainer, so I guess I didn’t necessarily see myself doing an explaining the basics of levels and what not.

Guess I was expecting something like this:

  • based on previous experience doing SSB1-HV, I wasn’t expecting an FTP increase and instead I believe the focus is on improving muscular/strength endurance
  • started SSB-1 HV with these Progression levels (screenshot) and now at end of week 5 my Progression levels are (screenshot)
  • lets briefly look at week by week
  • Adaptive Training made minor reductions to off-the-shelf workouts, leading me to conclude is that my incoming fitness was well matched to stock plan
  • One impact of the minor reductions was that weekly TSS was reduced by 5% over the 5 weeks of loading
  • even though I don’t perceive any fitness changes, will do a ramp test to help adaptive training as outlined in “Keeping Pace With Your Fitness” section of this blog post
  • commentary about Progression level changes

Hope that helps.


Annoying question for anyone in the AT beta:
What are the progression levels for Galena +4 and Wright Peak?


galena is threshold 5.5 wright peak sweetspot 10


Sorry - Galena +4, or just Galena, is 5.5 Threshold?

galena +4, sorry!

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Have been wondering about this as well. The staffing approach is a reasonable one. There is one other source to consider though. If you select a workout and look under ‘all rides’ it displays - as expected - all user rides for that workout. That allows you to count… Having a quick look at the ramp-test data it shows a wide range of daily rides depending on the day of week, ranging from 500+ on Tuesday (the default day in the plans) to <60 towards the end of the week. Making big steps here but that makes about 1,500 ramp-tests per week. And with ~6 weeks between scheduled ramp test that is about 9,000 users following a plan as prescribed. Now many people skip the ramp-test (me), are not following a plan, are dormant users, seasonal users, etc. So lets say this number needs to be multiplied by 2 or 3. That would give 18-27k users as an estimate. Strikes me as a little low, but pretty sure it is not ~100k.


I believe this method would exclude users who’ve set their calendar to private? I’m not sure how to estimate what proportion of users, but it would definitely make your estimate a lowball.

Are you sure? My account is set to private but my rides do show up under the ‘all rides’ tab.

Your rides show up to you, but probably not to others. Not 100% sure, but IMO it would be a bad move to show them for those who’ve chosen privacy.

Note also that you can click through other people’s rides to view their career and profile. So I would assume that what you can see under “All Rides” is “All Rides for user’s whose profile you can access”. Which equates to YOUR rides + all other PUBLIC rides.


Could somebody with access to AT help with the progression levels for the following workouts?

It would be very interesting to see the progressions in the plans I have tried to follow

SSB LV1 SSB LV2 Gen Build LV
Ericsson -1 Ebbetts Carpathian Peak
Baxter Kaweah Spanish Needle -1
Goddard Taylor -2 Baird +2
Monitor Donner Fang Mountain +1
Antelope Clark Lion Rock
Ericsson Bluebell Bashful +2
Carson Jepson Avalanche Spire +1
Eclipse Palisade Junction -1
Tunnabora Mills
Geiger Darwin Dade +1
Warlow Mary Austin -1 Mount Hayes
Carillon Spencer +2 Ansel Adams -2
Tallac Lamarck Matthes +1
Palisade Leconte Kaweah +1
San Joaquin +3
Kaiser +2
Mount Goode +3





Wow perfect :love_letter:

Thank you for this! I’ve read a lot of words, but this picture really says it all. I “get it” now.

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(Disclaimer: TR folks have said multiple times that they’re in the process of redoing all these standard plans to reflect their current analysis and modeling, so the workout levels in those screenshots don’t represent an “ideal” or “correct” progression.)


Yeah. I would even say that week 5 of SSBLVII is… not recommended ;).

Continued requests for workout levels are going to eventually overrun this thread… might be best for the next person requesting them to just create a new thread where everyone can ask / answer.

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Or… TR can deliver what they promised weeks ago… and give the Workout Progression Level Info to everyone. Still no update on why this is so delayed.


Sure… but which one is easier / more likely to happen? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now a full week into Adaptive training and still zero adaptations - guess it’s time to submit a support request

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