🎉 🎉 🎉 Introducing Adaptive Training! 🎉 🎉 🎉

I’m not sure if it has an effect, but all the TR leadership are on a work retreat in the Dominican Republic right now, according to Nate’s Instagram.


That also explains the lack of suggested adaptations! Chad has left the basement and is sipping on very strong beers…


Next week I am going to be on vacation, and I plan to do all of my riding outdoors. Unfortunately, I won’t have a power meter for my gravel bike, so the workouts will not be counted as a part of AT. Any suggestions on how to handle next week and not lose AT progress? I was planning on doing a number of the workouts based on RPE - good idea for training but maybe not AT :slight_smile:

I’d say use the annotation feature and choose vacation. That way you can ride unstructured without any worry and jump right back into your plan when you return. That’s at least how I’ve worked around it.

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For the time being, those workouts will not be credited, but if you’re successfully completing your planned workouts based on RPE during your time away, simply “ignore” the adaptations recommended by the AI. Then, when you’re able to successfully complete your workouts upon your return, your Progression Levels will correct themselves.

In the future, we have plans to allow you to manually select a “Success” for a workout without data, but that’s not yet available in the current Beta offering.


All, our very own @JesseFortson just posted up a fantastic blog article with a useful step-by-step rundown of how to use Adaptive Training, as well as some common FAQs and helpful links. We’ll be linking this into the onboarding for new athletes but I wanted to make sure you’re all aware of the resource. It will be updated as we go and as things change— check it out!


Did they eliminate the “checking for Adaptations” animations on the laptop. No longer seeing it, just curious.

It’s been brought up and answered here:


Hi, sorry but i can’t find this information anywhere,

I am looking at TrainNow and the classification of each Work, “Productive”, “Achievable” and i would like to know the definition of each… does anybody have these or a link

Many thanks

Follow the blog link posted by @SeanHurley a few posts above - there’s a section headed “Difficulty Levels” that should tell you all you need to know.


Great just what I want thanks

Random Q, not sure if this is the best place for it - I stuck in a Plan Builder plan before I got onto AT just so it would work with AT, but my goal event currently isn’t a race, just a sportive (Rapha Prestige in mid August, which I set as Climbing Road Race as it’s going to be very hilly…).

I’ve just bought an MTB and looking at entering some endurance races. There’s a 6 hour towards the end of September which thought I might have a go at as an introduction; I would like to do some longer 12 or 24 hour ones but I can’t find one that fits around other commitments (and I would like a shorter practice event anyway since I haven’t ridden a 12 hour since 2009, when I was 21…)

Ideally I would set the race as my new A event, downgrade the sportive to a B event (I still want to have a good day out and it’ll be a hard route)

What’s the best approach for changing my plan halfway through? Should I just set a new plan backdated to when I started this one, with a new goal event and altered A/B race categories? Or delete and start from a clean slate?

For info, I set this one on May 9th, so I am a little way in. Current target event is 15th August, new one would be 26th September. Currently in a recovery week although it’s a bit superfluous as I was away last week and had a pretty low TSS.

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In a similar-ish situation recently, I just deleted the old plan (and the old event, in my case) and generated a new plan, backdated appropriately to get it to align. Though, this approach was influenced by my past failures trying to amend much through PB due to the amount of manual plan customisation* I’d have done.

*With AT, this another bonus for me: I’m not bothering to customise my plan after PB first generates it, in the way that I used to:

  • that’s partly so that I don’t disassociate the workouts from the plan, and thus preventing them from being considered for adaptations;
  • but largely it’s because I’ve quickly found I’m happy to hand over responsibility to the machine to adjust my plan as required.

That latter point is a big deal for me as I commonly/periodically have interruptions to my plan for a variety of reasons. Instead of me attempting to adjust and micro-manage the plan I now just leave it alone, increasingly confident that the Progression Level system will ensure I’m given an appropriate level of workout once the interruption has passed. Less hassle, less “admin”, less guesswork: very happy so far.

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FWIW, for an event like that I’d consider doing Century speciality phase instead of Climbing Road Race: the latter has additional VO2max work/week, to do deal with attacking type efforts, which on your sportive you’d not be expecting from your fellow ride buddies. Your event ride would likely benefit from a better sustained power focus for those long climbs you’ll be doing all day.

I setup a simple Google spreadsheet to track changes in my PLs because I was curious. I do not believe TR has any graphs or analytics developed but I would think they are recording the level changes to troubleshoot / develop AT. Will post screen shots in a little bit.

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Yeah, I did think about that - I’ve done the old (pre-Plan Builder, pre-AT modifications) Century plan before with a similar goal.

But without wanting to sound bigheaded, I’m doing it with 3 other guys (it’s supposed to be “teams” of 4) and I am comfortably faster than 2 of them as it is - and short power is a weakness of mine which I’ve been trying to improve, so I chose a bit more VO2.

If I was readjusting the plan I would need to think about what to class the 6 hour MTB race as, because I have never really looked at the off-road plans before. XC Marathon seems to be the obvious choice.

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Sounds like you’ve thought it through!

FWIW I’ve previously used the XC Marathon plan (as an alternative to Century) as prep for a road cycling Alps trip for its emphasis on sustained threshold-ish efforts like you do on those great big climbs if you’re riding them as a “challenge”, ie. without the pace changes of racing. So probably not bad prep for a hilly Sportive type thing either.

Apologies to Chad for any OT stuff! :grimacing:

successfully shifted my Saturday workout to today (I did the change today and not in advance based on some advice I had seen around here). Going to do the Sunday workout tomorrow so cramming in a lot of work lol Next week’s training is going to be cobbling together a mix of a stages spin bike in a gym (cooling is going to suuuck) and borrowing an in-laws cheapo bike for easier riding, although I am thinking of bringing my assioma pedals to use on said cheapo bike, which will be quite the sight

@kitenski here are the two charts I’ve created to graphically show changes in my PLs. The first is a TR-style bar chart for each PL, with the most recent at the bottom and the oldest at the top of each group. The second is a Garmin Connect themed line chart showing the same data.


I had to miss my Sunday SS workout yesterday, as i was helping my son out with renovations, but this has caused some unwanted recommended changes to my plan from AT.

I created an annotation for “Time Off” for the day and selected “Don’t Adapt My Plan” as this is any easy workout for the week in SSB MV2 and I had done an extra unstructured ride on Saturday. The intent is to box on with the plan with no changes given +1 offset by -1. I left the uncompleted workout on the Calendar. I left the incomplete workout on the calendar.

This morning i have “Adaptations to Preview” and AT wants to peg future Sunday’s SS workouts to be easier. I don’t need that as the Sunday SS doesn’t get adapted upwards and they are already well below by PL for SS.

I will select “Don’t Adapt My Plan”, but is there a better way to treat the day off in the calendar than I have done, which would have avoided the Adaptations being recommended?

Will the Adaptations rejected reappear again and potentially end up creating a situation where i have some adaptations i wish to accept and others that i don’t? If this occurs, can i accept or decline adaptations selectively?