🎉 🎉 🎉 Introducing Adaptive Training! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Sorry for the barrage of posts! I tried to add an A event, and such. But I think basically whatever logic my AT plan had has been replaced with the newer logic of SSB HV, so instead of a sweet spot workout tomorrow, I have an easy endurance day. SSB2 is totally messed up for me at the moment so maybe I manually add back workouts?

You certainly could change out tomorrow’s workout (maybe pick a sweet spot workout via TrainNow?) and then expect adaptations to follow, but the biggest takeaway here is that its okay for your plan to look different, and doesn’t mean it’s ‘broken’. These updated workouts are a good thing!

It’s a beta, this is the point you must have known this when you signed up, it’s just not going to be perfect at this stage.
Can you opt out?

Presumably you can turn it off here. I haven’t tried it or heard about anyone doing so, but that seems the place to do it.

By doing what? How do you change a plan which has already been adapted since you started it without losing the benefits of those adaptations.

Sorry if this seems an obvious thing to some.

EDIT- apologies I hadn’t been on the forum for a day or so and hadn’t read the main announcement thread.

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just posting as an example in case you don’t want to lose your current stuff. This is what my week was looking like

and this is the current week after updating the plans and having pending adaptations

Keeping an open mind, but I personally liked my trajectory that AT had me on for SSB2 and don’t really care much for these short easy endurance rides

Adaptive Training still seems to be quite insistent on dropping my levels, even though I’ve got through the last couple of weeks without marking anything as all out (or failed anything).

With that said, it’s only still insisting on threshold, so hopefully I can get it to reconsider after my next threshold session!

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Hiya Chad,

I’m after similar gains in the 1-5min range mostly for Zwift racing! When you swopped out workouts, what did you search for in order to get longer VO2s vs 30/30s for example? And did you manage them at 100% difficulty at first??



This was something mentioned/hinted at in the initial podcast announcing AT - that what was being suggested was “easy”, “counterintuitive” and seemingly messed with the teams’ heads.

I’d base my acceptance on how far out I was from an event - no point in changing things if you are only a few weeks away but if you’re six months away or have no planned event then accept the suggestions and see how it goes.

Part of the problem with typical ML systems is that there’s no “explanation” in the same way that a coach might say: “You are struggling with sustained over-unders so we’ll back off a bit there but give you some short VO2max intervals once a week to pep up the top end then in a month or so we’ll slowly bring back the over-unders” so you just have to trust that the ML has analysed your performances correctly.

AT also needs reasonable behaviour (not beasting yourself on every workout, etc.) and accurate feedback to be able to offer sensibly targeted workouts. Again, a coach would be able to see that you were pushing threshold into VO2max, etc. so could rein in your enthusiasm/ego.


This was discussed earlier in the thread, but my issue with it is that the adaptive training system doesn’t really have any concept of what’s been going on with my diet / sleep / stress unless I fail a workout. I’ve just come off the back of losing 12kg of bodyweight, and now that I’m able to fuel for workouts again I know that my output is going to be considerably higher than it was. So in my (moderately unusual) case, I can be confident overriding it.

Then there’s the matter of RPE not really working out well for everyone, but that’s a much more complicated issue.

If nothing else, the levels have ended up being particularly useful for me as I know what direction to stretch myself in. Even if it’s just a matter of being able to confidently pick a slightly longer version of a workout I know I can do so I can get a little more training stimulus.

Well done on losing 12kg, that’s a serious amount to shed.

Extracurricular activities and stressors are always going to be awkward to deal with unless there is another questionnaire: On a scale of 1-5 how well did you sleep last night? and so on. That runs the danger of workouts just being a data collection service!

I’m still waiting to be accepted for the beta so my comments are currently as an outsider.

Edit: I’m just coming to the end of the 6 week POL plan, this week is the recovery week, and have nothing planned. I’ve currently got a lot of physical stress away from the bike so the POL plan has been ideal as the interval sessions are short and, err, sweetish, and the low level endurance rides are just heading out for a spin.

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Additional surveys/addons like that could be opt-in for those that want to see their data being recorded and used

My trick is to use the VO2 Max Filter, then add a search term.

Be aware that it’s best to search multiple ways, due to inconsistent usage of these terms.

  • Ex: x2-min
  • Ex: x2 min
  • Ex: x two-min
  • Ex: x two min

And for some odd ones, like 90 seconds, it may be 1.5 min or other ways to say the same thing. Honestly a bit of a pain to find, so making notes of them once you find them is recommended.


Since I had just finished SS Base 1 and started SS Base MV 2 this week, I just simply deleted my plan and recreated a new one starting from the start date for SS Base 1. Worked fine for me.

Yeah, my issue was moreso that I was already in week 2 of SSB2 and didn’t want to mess with changing base workouts to the new style of plan just yet, but there’s no way of reversing that logic, unless I wanted to just manually replace all the workouts. I’m just going with it and subbing the really easy Wed/Fri 60min z2 rides with something like 90mins just to make things more interesting.

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My survey on PC, just updated before riding, appeared in the wrong order.

I almost picked the wrong one because I was expecting the normal sorting.


Same here yesterday afternoon

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I’ve bought an HRM so TR gets my HR data now, I’ve stopped customising plans and I promise to only use the Plan Builder Update to change anything, I’ve rebuilt my Plan Builder Plan and updated to the new workouts, my workouts compliance is near 100% over the last three months at least…so you can take me out of the “naughty” category and put me into the next batch with confidence :smiley:


Yep, same yesterday. And it didn’t appear to save. When I logged in on the web it showed “missing response” so I entered it again (appeared in the correct order on the web).

Wanted to flag something for the TR team. I accepted adaptations without looking past the first week and the progression seems a bit off (i.e. there is none for the Tuesday and Friday rides). I’m not too concerned since the weird week is still over a week away, but thought I should mention it.