🎉 🎉 🎉 Introducing Adaptive Training! 🎉 🎉 🎉

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Proud… of those 20… lolz.

Thanks to all our athletes for your patience while that list of solved issues grows! Stoked on the team’s progress and momentum as we send out more invites. :v:


Levels are cool now that I’ve had a chance to look at them. Always thought IF was a poor metric for some workouts especially Vo2 with longer breaks or cool downs which diluted the IF but not the hurt. Levels seem to put the work into perspective, these all have very similar IF but very different levels

Keep up the awesome progress


Porogression levels on android work, nice! Now I know some coaches want us dead - 14.4 level anaerobic workout seems like hard? :wink:

Not every custom workout has a progression level assigned? Should they be connected to something?

Seeing the levels is great…now, when will we get to see what our TR computed ranking is in each zone? Is the plan to release that when AT goes live, or roll it out earlier?

As I understand it, that is already being used for TrainNow selection and recommendation of workouts.

Primary forum post on the new releases:


Three new blog posts to check out that with more info are definitely worth looking through:


Ok there’s something funky going on. Either the system is updating levels or there is a gremlin running loose.

A week ago when I changed my specialty phase from rolling road race to century it deleted everything starting from that day til the end of September when my 2nd planned even was. OK I replaced the speciality phase manually.

No when the levels are released to public I:
A) can see the levels on my iPhone when I log into the system through Chrome
B) can’t see the levels on iPad nor iPhone when using the app
C) see my speciality phase that was somehow deleted by the system a week ago also saw the manually entered Century speciality phase both on the iPad and iPhone.
D) can’t change the existing speciality phase to Century one on my iPad nor on my iPhone
E) can’t see the system deleted plan nor the new manually entered plan when i log in through Chrome on my iPad but see it when I log in through Chrome on my iPhone

What the hell is going on :smile: ???

It doesn’t look like you’re on the newest release for iOS yet, for the rest of those inquires though, please touch base with support@trainerroad.com so they can take a look! Apologies for the confusion.

Updated the iPad IOS and managed to get my training plan back…the initial one at least, but if I want to change the speciality then it shows me black screen and there is only option to update but no option to choose the new speciality to update to.

Managed to get the plan back on when I log in through Chrome window, also I can see the update possibility but when I click for the update instead of speciality there is a build phase now :smiley:

Well… that was disappointing :disappointed: Just took my ramp test after completing SS Base 1 using Adaptive Training and my FTP went down -3.

I am surprised in that I completed all workouts well, took each recommendation, and did the best I could on the day - but the results speak for themselves.

Other than wanting everyone to sympathize with me :slight_smile: , I do think one of the promises of AT is that it should be able to tell me based on my workouts to date - did I perform as expected or was it just a bad day? I know that this was talked about somewhat in the initial announcement, but it isn’t something that I see in the current beta.

Any thoughts on when the “projected FTP capability” is planned? I am willing to have my record be a guinea pig if anyone in dev wants to look at it and see if my performance was in line with expectation or I just didn’t perform on the day.

Any one else had this experience?

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  • What method or symbol are you expecting for this validation?

Essentially, if you see a “Successful” at the end of your workout, in the workout summary data, that is “good”. Your deeper performance beyond that simple summary, combined with your subjective response to the survey about the workout (Easy, Moderate, Hard, Very Hard, All Out) play into the progression that is given to your associated level. If you do well and answer on the easy end, I suspect the progression level change is large. The closer you get to Hard or All Out, I expect less change in progression level (little to no increase).


If you perform “badly”, you will get a “Struggle” survey instead. And depending on those factors above, you may see no change to your progression level, or they may even drop if something is off enough that AT thinks you need a reduction.

Have you seen those signals and considered them like this?

Ftp -3 of what? Progression level, watts, percentage? 3W and 3% ia basically daily variation and less than measurment error in most power devices.


I see that on normal workouts, but I don’t see that on the ramp test. Should I?

No, a Ramp Test or any other FTP test is not related to any of this. There is no good/bad. You get what you get from tests.

What I showed is about Workouts only, not tests.

Fair enough. But it still basically says that I had no increase in FTP between my ramp test at the start of AT and the one today after competing SS Base 1 on AT.

Yeah, and that is only one data point in judging real fitness. It would be great if FTP always increased, even small amounts, but that is not always possible or what happens.

Keep in mind the broader picture because your fitness is about more than just FTP. The primary purpose for FTP here is setting training levels. It’s entirely possible you are gaining in areas other than at your FTP. If that is true, your fitness is improving, even if your FTP is stable.

Point being that you should look at more than FPT to judge your progress.


Thanks, and I get that. My question is that AT in theory should be “projecting” an FTP based on workout performance to date; the test is an actual value. I am thinking AT should be able to say was your actual what the system is predicting.

If you have tested by the ramp test, and it is a MAP test that relies on vo2 more than anything else - not surprised. Not to mention that not every block leads to gains - it all depends on many factors (volume, training history etc.). Ss base 1 is a foundation to your training, not the phase that leads to gains.

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