🎉 🎉 🎉 Introducing Adaptive Training! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Perfect! I’ll keep on proving the definition of insanity then :slight_smile:

Btw, Congrats!!!


This is a bit of an aside, but:

Are there any thoughts on opening up group workouts to not share the same workout, etc? One of the things I’ve seen is that since we’re all on plans anyway, it often feels like people are ‘giving up’ their standard workout to do the Group workout. As plans get more and more customized with this, that divergence may grow. Love doing Group Workouts and hope there’s a way for them to continue.

(Sorry if this was addressed in the live video, haven’t watched it yet.)


Yea, I get it. But thank you anyway!

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Does the new adaptive training function work if all we do are outdoor workouts?

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Yes this would be great. Maybe uou could select the type of workout (ramp test, endurance, sweet spot, vo2 max) but each person has his own workout

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If you’re using TR outdoor workouts, yes.

We are working on making it work without any TR outside workouts. IE you can view all of your progression levels and achievements on your outside, unstructured workouts.


Way to go guys! I’ve been on TR for 3.5 years now, and this is a new feature that I am most excited about. I had a feeling something like this was coming.


My question was probably lost in the many questions here…
so let ask again…

Will (can?) the system take into consideration room temperature?
I know is hard to judge… and quantify… but a hot day in summer is not the same as a cool day of winter…


How will the TR system know the temperature in the room? Garmins record it when outside. But there is not a place to input it AFAIK manually.

We don’t have room temperature but that’s a great idea. I wish we could get it from Trainers or phones! Maybe power meters could share it?


Think of it this way, your users are the biggest champions when it comes to promoting TR. I would promote the product based on merit regardless, but I’m extra excited and feel more valued as a customer to have a locked in price, and I’m sure the most vocal promoters of TR will feel even more encouraged to tell everyone about this product with new features that doesn’t hike the price.


A question like… Room temp hot, moderate, cold…

something simple…
Also, some garmins record indoor temperature…


We appreciate that!!


Curious how it will work with vo2 workouts that are consistently lowered to 95%? When at the same time SS workouts are nailed in the 88-94% range. Will it look at replacing currently scheduled vo2 with something other than the 120% workouts? This is what I am excited to see as I can see it helping to replace workouts and improve the plan.

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Some garmins do have it… its not great tho…
But maybe a question about how did the ride “felt” (hot, cold, moderate) might help initially…

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That’s too subjective IMO. I think your perception of room temp has more to do with cooling and intensity than actual temperature.


A garmin connect iq app to get the temp? communicate to TR through an ant channel

Or support ant temp sensors directly and get people to buy one, they aren’t that expencive

Nate does HR come into play with power meters? I know I like to gauge my success in SSB by seeing how my HR trends over intervals throughout the plan. Just curious if that’s in play

Thats partially true…

I live in Florida… and I am sweating less now, than in the summer… although house temp is still 70… but outdoor is in the low 60s

I agree that this is hard metric to account for…
but i think is an important one, specially to those of use who live in always warm places…

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