Feature Request - Comparing Intervals

It would be really handy if you could create an interval, say a climb, and be able to compare all the times you have ridden that interval. Similar to Strava segments where you can view all the times you have ridden it. From what I can tell you have to manually create the interval on each individual ride using TR. The problem is you have to remember which rides you did the interval on and secondly trying to get the start and finish points the same…

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Bumping this and adding my $.02

Feature 1: I want to see all of my (repeating) intervals overlaid so that I can see how they compare in terms of slope of the heart rate line, consistency of cadence/power. For example, if I do 5x8’ I want to see 5 color coded lines plotted on top of each other such that I can compare

Feature 2: For repeat workouts I want to see each workout compared as an overlaid line. For example, if I do workout XYZ today I want to see how my datapoints compared to when I did the same workout 4 weeks ago.


Thanks for this! Definitely passing along to the team. It would be great to compare more than just records and seasons!

Hopefully if this feature were to be put in place, the app would do that work for you!

I like your aforementioned ‘layered’ idea of data fields as well! Thanks for expanding upon this.