Desktop Feature Request: "Show all" intervals

As a user, when viewing a ride detail from Career of Calendar view, they should have the option of expanding the Intervals table with a “show all” option (functionality = show all intervals/rows of the table), as opposed to paginating through intervals per what fits on the screen.

The current functionality of that table resizing to available space in the browser (3-6 rows for me on a MacBook Pro, 1680x1050 “More Space” setting) is not useful when a ride has say 35 intervals. I want to be able to scan the table in one go. Thus the option of hitting “show all” for that table.


Agreed. I don’t know if I have a particular suggestion on a solution, but the current method of pages is painful. It is bad on all platforms (mobile too) and I think something different is in order to make review something worthwhile.

As it stands, I tend to ignore the data because it is a pain to access.

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+1 for a “show all”

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+1 for show all