Interval Power Analytics on TR

Can someone explain what the second number is under “Power” when I look at the results of my workouts? The first number is obviously my average power, but what is the second number? At first I thought it was the target, but it obviously is NOT target power. What is it? I’ve been looking around for the support documents and I can’t find anything that tells me how to read my analytics/results. And I even asked a TR support person on chat (who thought it was target power) but that is not correct. Now that I’ve gone back to check, it’s obvious this number is NOT the target for the workout. Can anyone point me in the right direction? And…TR will need to educate their support personnel on this as well.

Since I’m here…another question re: analytics. What’s the green line labelled “Actual” on the chart? Is that my “actual AVG power for the entire interval” vs “actual 3 sec avg power”?

It’d be awfully nice if I could find a video or article that clarified every single aspect of the analytics page for completed workouts.

Thanks again!

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can you upload a screenshot highlighting what you mean?

The green/yellow line is your ‘current power’. The number will depend on how your power smoothing is setup. Could be pretty variable.

I’m 99% certain the numbers on the left are my average power. I used to think the numbers on the right, the smaller ones, were target power, but they don’e match the designated targets for the workout.

I’m still not clear on the diff between the yellow and the green lines. Can you say more?


this is what you see in the interval section after the workout? its the actual power avg (what you did) for the interval vs the targeted power for the interval.

so if you adjusted the intensity to e.g 105%, the green line would be the target for the workout done at 100% (according to yor set FTP value). then the target you seeduring the workout will be 5% higher than what shows up in the analasys afterwards. post tide analasys always take current ftp (100% workout intensity) as baseline

But the second number does not match the targeted powers for the intervals. The targets for this workout were 239, 243, 248, 252 & 256. I know the numbers are close in the example I show above, but they aren’t always for some of my workouts. Sometimes the variance is even bigger. And for clarity, I have not changed anything about any of my workouts. I’ve got a set FTP and load and do (try to do) the workouts exactly as given. If the second number is indeed supposed to be the target, why is there sometimes a difference of 9 watts between the given target for the workout and what shows up in the analytics after the workout? That makes no sense to me.

Ah - that’s helpful re: the green line. Thanks!!

yes, its close. maybe ftp setting is different in the app on mobile vs computer"?

What was the workout ?

Could be this 1 second bug:

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The one I note above was Gawler (should be called Gawdawful :wink:

But on intervals in Rattlesnake - for example - that second number is sometimes off target by 10 watts

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I’ve noticed the same thing, eg: in the screenshot below “Sweet Spot 2” interval shows a target in the graph of 254 and in the table it’s listed as 252. I can’t really remember what the app showed at the time but I’m assuming 254 since my actual average ended up at 255.

I don’t think there’s an FTP discrepancy between what I have in the app vs web, but perhaps some kind of rounding issue between these different areas.



Highlighted the wrong interval in the table haha, but Sweet Spot 2 shows the same incorrect target - 252.

Ya - I find that strange. If it’s supposed to be target and there’s some weird rounding problem, well, whatever. I just won’t bother looking at that number any more. It’s not accurate or helpful. But if it’s something else - I’d love to know what exactly! How do we get someone from TR staff to answer this?