Interesting road or trailside finds?

What’s the most interesting thing you have found riding along the road or trail?

About 5 years ago I found a leatherman tool along the highway about 15 miles from home. I saw it, stopped, turned around and picked it up for inspection. It was in great shape and it had the initials JPC engraved in the side.

I tossed it in the jersey pocket and took it home. After giving it a quick wipe down I tossed it in the cupholder of my truck and used it pretty frequently for a good year or so.

Around a year later, my son and his baseball teammate were in my truck. About halfway to practice his friend saw the leatherman and said, “Mr. Stringwise (that’s not my name but go with me people), where did you get that tool?” I told him I found it along the highway on a bike ride. It turns out that that the leatherman was left on the back of a car, his mom’s car, and it vibrated off 15 miles from home. His name is John Patrick C____.

Pretty insane!

Any interesting finds you can share?


Used to work the graveyard shift at a particularly gnarly gas station, and commuted by bike a fair bit. Often came across stuff that was either hilariously weird or really sad. Amongst other things, an adult-sized Halloween costume of a mustard bottle, a gathering of seemingly violently detached hair extensions and fake nails, and a decent-sized baggie of crystal meth.


Holy cow I actually laughed out loud. I have to assume you put it on for the ride home or at least picked it up?

I can only hope someone has something that beats this at some point in this thread.

Golf clubs.

Found the Four Iron first. About 100 meters down the road I found the Severn Iron. Then a Driver. WTF! I was on for a full set if I went much further.

Turned off that road shortly after finding the Driver and left the clubs against a wall. Guessing somebody, somewhere, had a bad round and needed to find a new hobby. Cycling :rofl:

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That is pretty funny. I actually have a putter at the bottom of a lake that eventually someone will find. That was the last round of golf for me and I’ve been on a bike ever since haha!

I found this guy, almost ran him over. He was hissing at me the whole time I moved him off of the trail.


To this day, I cannot fathom what must have been going on :rofl:

Found a back pack containing a lap top and folders of case-files and research papers for a University of Minnesota physician. Thankfully was able to get it back to her.

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I have a slightly similar story. Not a bike find tho.

So year was 1999. My brother was a freshman at college (we went to the same university).
One day he came home with with 2 rings, One of them a class right from a local high school.
He though about selling it to a pawn shop or something, but I told him just to hold to them for a while.
He put the right on a decoration jar near the phone (land line people…this is ancient history here).

Fast forward a few months. I start dating this girl. Eventually we became a couple (now married with 2 kids).
One day, months, maybe a year later, we were talking over the phone and i happen to see the rings my brother found.
I take the class right out, and it was from her high school. And they had her same initials. MVR.

I remember once she told me a story how she left some stuff over the student center, and never found them. So i asked her about the things she lost, and she told me it was he class ring and another ring her grandmother gave to her when she turned 15. I ask for a description and she described the ring I was holding in my hand.

Turned out my brother found her rings and her now boyfriend had them. Sufficient to say we still can believe that happened!


That’s cosmic insanity right there! Wow!

Any good research happening? :rofl:

Not that exciting, but while riding in Indiana (I’m from Texas), I found a small cactus randomly growing on the side of the road.


That was put there to make you feel at home :v:t4:

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