Stuff found while riding

So I came across a tape measure while riding today, but it was too far gone to pick up (but I did stop to check it out). It got me thinking about how much stuff I have actually come across that was worth salvaging, yes, including the UK license plate…anyone else find anything noteworthy?


Luckily, a friend’s wedding ring that dropped off at a turn during a time trial… to her full credit she finished the race before announcing what had happened & could we ride back to the turn to look for it.
She now puts it on a necklace before racing…


I’d be very careful about picking up that orange ‘torch’ …


you have a dark, dark mind :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Half my sunglasses I have found. Several folding pocket knives, and a throwing knife. Lots and lots of stuff when you are riding 10,000+ miles a year.

My favorite so far was the morning my headlight died riding to work, because I forgot to charge it the night before (I commute daily). It was pitch black on a road with no lights, and I know it is hazardous. I rode for a short, slow period with my cellphone as my light, not very functional. After maybe a mile of riding I found a pretty nice flashlight that I was able to use the rest of the way to work. I have kept that light in my car until it was totaled, and now in my van, for several years now.


I found a pair of my own glasses.

Not sure I would pick up an orange torch now :roll_eyes:

I’m now following this thread to see if anyone says they found a wahoo bolt and they live near me :rofl::joy:

I also frequently dream about finding a tiny abandoned kitten while I’m out riding - that I obviously have to take home and look after.


nothing too interesting

1 hammer
1 pliers
2-3 screwdrivers
1 NFL Seahawks Beanie
10X sockets (for socket wrenches) - must rattle loose after being dropped in an engine bay

enough beer cans to fill a fleet of semi trailers

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Channel lock pliers
3 pound sledgehammer
A full case of beer and a tray of cupcakes in two different places on the same ride. I drank a beer, I left the cupcakes.


Why does everyone find what look a lot like abandoned murder weapons?

Makes me feel happier about where I ride that I’ve never found anything like that… just the occasional pair of abandoned knickers, the aftermath of raves (including ravers), nests of beer bottles or those little nitrous canisters and a lot of hunters cartridges.

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My favorite was the whole banana - it definitely hadn’t been there for long - and a couple of gels within a short distance of each other. Someone must have had a hole in their jersey/bag? But those are things I can work with!

But not the panties. Not sure how those end up on the side of the road in the canyon but I hope she came back to retrieve them… and no judging from me :innocent:

I found a couple stray cats. I did not bring them home but you’re making me wish I did.

Funny, I also found a tape measure last week. I picked it up. It want in France, so probably not the same as yours :slight_smile:

A woman’s wallet with cards, id the whole mess on the side of a pretty busy state highway. I had passed a cop sitting at a gas station about a half mile back so I rode it back to him. The very bad reasons for that to have been there so far out weighed the common “oops” ways I wanted nothing to do with that return process.

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I have picked up a few bits of roadkill (pheasant, partridge, hare) and cooked 'em up for dinner back home.

Follow an Ironman course after they’ve been on it. The sheer quantity of noobs dropping glasses, toolsets, hydration systems and countless gels and bottles…

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Picked up a small puppy on a road ride few years ago. Found him in a ditch in a middle of nowhere and rode with him home - he was riding in my half unzipped gilet. After a few days got him a new home. New owners call him Jazz. :dog2:


I have found:

Leather man
Multiple Wallets
Pocket knife
US Army Ranger Challenge coin
Sun glasses
Lots of bottles