Anyone have a race tool kit they love?

I cleaned my car today and decided I need a tool kit that holds things neatly instead of the back of my car being entirely full of random dirty tools bouncing around that I can never find when I need because they’ve been buried by other pieces of kit, etc.

A quick look online and a lot of tool kits are full of useless stuff like cone wrenches (haven’t used one of those in over a decade) and adjustable spanners (if you use one you’re doing something wrong)

Anyone have a recommendation of a mobile toolkit they really love? Ideally I’d like to not spend $300 bit I can be upsold pretty easily!

I’ve enjoyed the Birzmann. It’s not PERFECT…I still carry a torque wrench and some sundries, but it’s pretty darn good for most jobs.

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I won this in a raffle and now that I’ve used it, would gladly pay full price for it. It has everything you need, is portable, and has spots for additional things should you decide you need them

After being so impressed with the Feedback Sports tool kit, I supplemented with this, and it is just as versatile and perfect for both home maintenance and working out of the trunk before a race.


This is not an answer, but maybe an inspiration (warning, contains explicit tool box porn!):


Those are amazing! I think that’s the answer! I was looking at the Pro Toolbox XL, which is undoubtably the best pre-made option, but I have a nice tool collection in the trunk already. A case and foam inserts and I’d be set. It looks so much more pro!

I use the Wolf Tooth bag wrap and fill it with the tools I need for my bike(s). Generic tool kits are nice, but often you need specific things for your specific make and model of bike. This allows you to do just that, and if you already have tools is just a handy way to store and travel with stuff.


I remember reading that article when it came out. I suddenly wanted to go out and spend a fortune on tools. That article should come with a warning that your cash will fly away :money_with_wings:

Best answer might be to assemble it yourself from scratch. That way you just include what you need, and nothing else.

The reality is that if you do your major jobs at home, your mobile kit does not need a whole lot. A torque wrench and hex/torx set is probably the most important thing. Add to that based on what you have used in the past when on the road.

I ride dirt outside exclusively. You’d be surprised how much is needed mobile at the trailhead!

Yeah - I think story is the same tho - assemble a tool kit that is specific to your needs vs buying a stock kit that has tools you’ll rarely use.

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Old tread I know but really good info.

I start tackling small maintenance jobs at the time and progress in terms of complexity. I planned to buy the tools I needed for the task ahead and I choose Park Tool to build my kit. Big mistake!

What @jlittle shared have a really good selection, nice and tidy and at a reasonable price.

I don’t have half of it and already spent more than that. Plus Parktool makes sets that are always missing a key element that you always need to buy something else. Often at an absurd price, take the bearing press as an example: a treated rod with 2 handles £150 while I can get the same thing for £20 in a small shop selling on Amazon.

Reconsidering my approach, maybe too late.

Looking @rondal option to keep it tidy.


I have two.

Kit #1 for mountain biking always lives in the car and includes:

  • hex and torx
  • spoke wrench
  • shock pump
  • tire pressure gauge
  • tire pump
  • Spare valve cores and core wrench
  • Wire ties
  • Card with suspension settings and tire pressures

Chain tool, Wolf Tooth chain pliers, tire levers, spare chain links, spare derailleur hanger and tube all in a small tool wrap which goes hydration pack. I don’t duplicate those tools in the always in car kit. Non-ride tools all live in a small canvas utility bag, $10 at Home Despot. This is the “go ride” kit. if I were racing or going away for a weekend I would carry bleed kit and fluid, additional spares and drivetrain tools.

Kit #2 is for road races and time trials. Since I travel to race and do some competitive series, carry a larger toolkit with full size tools. Also bail out friends or others who need help on race morning.

  • Metric sockets, allen and torx wrenches (small Wera kit is nice)

  • Phillips and flat screwdrivers

  • Chain whip and Crombie for lockrings

  • Full size chain break tool, open/close quick link pliers, extra chains, quick links for 10s and 11s

  • Knipex large pliers

  • Pedal wrench for flats and long handle allens in 6mm and 8mm

  • Small diagonal cutters

  • Small gripping pliers

  • Small bastard file

  • Small scissors

  • Spoke wrenches

  • Bottom bracket sockets and Shimano bearing preload tool for NDS crank

  • 3/8" breaker bar fits all sockets (and suspension caps for mountain)

  • DI2 connector insert/removal tool, spare batteries and battery charger

  • Campy 15mm Peanut butter wrench (just because…)

  • Campy chainring prong tool

  • Spoke wrenches and valve core removal tool

  • Two old toe straps

  • Spare tires, cables, chains, tube of grease, small bottle of oil, carbon paste, wire ties, electrical tape and other small bits.

This all lives nicely in a $20 plastic tool box or a Soul Run tool roll if trying to save space.

For races and weekends away, always bring a spare set of wheels with cassette already mounted. The larger tool kit is overkill for 99.9% of events. But you carry this stuff for the 0.01% of the time when you or a buddy needs a tool or spare at 7pm on Saturday night for a 7am start.


I built my own according to what I use, along the toolbox wars principle (in an old laptop box). Ideally I’d put a ruler and scissors in a 3rd layer, but there really isn’t space. I could at least add a couple of spaces for quick links for 1/8 and 11sp chains.

IMG_20190831_103020 by duncancmartin, on Flickr


I’m building a travel kit with some basics in it. I usually carry a big bag around, but I’m stripping it down to just the essentials, in a Milwaukee “pack out” box with Kaizen cutouts. I’ll post some pics.

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