Intensity override

It would be great if the intensity override could go higher than 200% in the Android app.
I have one specific usage case where this would be a help.

During a podcast a couple weeks back, they were talking about the value of extra endurance work (like Petit). During that same segment, Chad brought up that there could be even more value to adding that type of work to the end of a more strenuous workout and Nate mentioned that with the new extend cool down feature, one could easily add that 10 min at a time. The only trouble with this is that all of the cool downs end up at 30% of FTP, so even going to 200% of that is only 60% of FTP, whereas something like Petit goes up to 75%.
If the intensity override could go up to 250% that would get me there but if they’re changing it, they might as well make it 300%.


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