Installing disc brake rotors on new wheels

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I’m struggling to find the right video for this on google and i’m hoping a real person could help me here. I have a gravel bike that currently is on 650bs and I want to switch them back to my old 700s. I got this done at a bike shop and they switched it all for me (switched the disc brake rotors and the gear hubs - i’m not sure of the correct terms for these). Now I want to be able to do this switch myself, I have the tools and know how to switch the gear hub but I can’t find much detailed info about switching the disc rotors and mounts. Anyone done this and have a video they used and would like to share? I’d be very grateful! I am only coming up with videos about replacing an old rotor and I want to switch over the whole thing. Thanks for the help!

What do you mean by this? The video below shows you how to remove / replace rotors.

Do you mean the free hub? Maybe this video.


Just take the rotors off and put them on the new wheels, there isn’t much more to it. You’ll have to know if they are 6-bolt mounted (literally there are 6 bolts, often torx), or centre-lock. For centre-lock, you need a different tool.


I assume you mean the “cassette” (the set of sprockets ON your rear hub) and not switching out a “gear hub” (what would essentially be something like a shimano nexus or alfine hub with internal gears -in- the hub (and switching is would mean rebuilding your wheel…)

For the rotors, that’s not more difficult then swapping a cassette to another wheel… there are 2 kinds:

  • 6 bolt. requires normal tools (T25 for most / all??), just undo the 6 bolts and fasten them on your new wheel… (check for threadlock and if you have a torque wrench, your should use it (~5 is enough!)
  • centerlock requires additional tools (possible 2, for internal and external nodges)

if your watch this video, you will be up to speed on everything rotor related.

There is nothing really different for moving a rotor to a new wheel compared to replacing an old rotor. In both cases you remove a rotor and you install a rotor (only not on the same wheel and not a new rotor, but the process remains the same :))

If you are lucky the manufacturing tolerances of your 2 wheelsets are similar and the alignment of the rotors between your calipers is the same, other wise you would need to align your brakes after switching (or move the rotor right or left on specific wheels with shims… but just start with trying if it works)

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Yes I mean the cassette! Thank you. I think my disc rotors are 6 bolt so no need for new tools hopefully. Thanks for the advice.

I guess I was under the impression that there was a disc rotor mount (that I would need to move) in addition to the disc rotor - looks like that isn’t the case?

Thanks for the response.

@nicnic19 the rotor mount is part of the hub. The importance is to know whether you have a 6-bolt connection or center-lock as you will need the right tools. Also, if you can afford it, maybe just get rotors dedicated to each wheel set. Same with tires.

If its 6-bolt, there isn’t a mount. The bolts attach directly to the hub. Some rotors look like they have a central spyder, but don’t take that apart!

(If it’s centre-lock, the rotors still attach to the hub but they sit on small splines a bit like cranks, and there is a lock ring on top. You’ll need a tool similar to some bottom bracket tools, not sure which exactly.)

Just post a picture if you’re unsure.

My Shimano centre lock uses the same tool as for the cassette so no new tool needed, just an adjustable spanner to fit round it. One of these:

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FYI, I know this is old but just wanted to say thanks for the tips, I successfully switched my wheels! I didn’t have to do too much alignment with the brakes and everything has been working perfectly. Thanks for the advice folks.